Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Best Memorial Day Weekend EVER!!

Mitchell and I were together for four days this Memorial Day Weekend, from Friday the 22nd to Tuesday the 26th. He came into town so he could meet my family, take engagement pictures, and complete our registry. He was a great sport through all of it: even after he saw Bed, Bath, and Beyond for the first time ever and still agreed to spend the next four hours there with me, zapping things with the new found toy gun i'd put in his hand :o) We got everything done that we needed to and had a great time doing it. In fact, we're now thinking about going to optometry school in Kansas City!! We're still two years away from starting optometry school, but it's soon enough to start thinking about it. I'm just glad he loved my family enough that he wants to spend time living near them!!

All in all it was a GREAT weekend, and definitely something we needed after being separated. We're both cursing BYU-I's summer semester, the sole reason we're apart this summer, but he's doing great in school because he isn't being distracted by a girl :o) Only 55 days till August 1st, when he comes back and I never have to be separated from my sweetie again!!

I'll be posting engagement pics the second we get the cd!
(our session went FABULOUSLY, by the way!! Beautiful weather, great photographer, attractive man...I could go on!)

Until August 1st, I'll be working full-time as a Home Support Provider for Medicaid of Kansas. Wish me luck: this is a very tiring job, although it's always been worth the work! Mitchell will be proving his great work ethic by working two part-time jobs AND carrying a full load of classes!

Alaina and Mitchell