Sunday, October 18, 2009


So I haven't posted for awhile because I'm lame.

You were all thinking it :o)

Mitch is enjoying his job at Wyoming Work Warehouse: a place that sells Carhartt and thick denim jeans and stuff...this is a mining town so the store does really, really well! He loves it there and his boss is a Church member, so it makes everything easier. He got a new calling a few weeks ago as an Elder's Quorum teacher, which he's loving: he taught his first lesson today and is teaching again next week, too! He is getting to know his brother, Ethan, better. Ethan is a senior in high school and just the best kid you'll ever meet. Mitch's parents were hoping they'd get to spend more time together before Ethan leaves for college then a mission. I think their wishes are being answered: these two are getting to know each other better and are getting closer and closer!

I'm enjoying working part-time at Marshall Jewelry with my mother-in-law. It's amazing! I wanted to get to know her better and this is the perfect way! The hours are great and it's never open on Sunday because the Marshalls are Church members also. Plus, just today I was offered a nannying job on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30-1 pm for 5, 3, and 1 year old kidlets in another ward. It should be exciting and I'm hoping to start next week. This week I have a lot going on with school. I find out my grade for my midterm in one class and take the midterm exam in another. I had to set up a proxy exam since i'm not at BYU-Idaho, which is actually the hard way for this teacher to do things; most of my other exams are online (even when i've been on campus!) and it makes it much easier. Oh, and I recently chopped off my hair (if you haven't seen it yet the pictures are on facebook), which i'm loving: I hate feeling high-maintenance so now I can just spend 5-10 min. on my hair and it's DONE!

The ward isn't the same: I miss Overland Park 1st Ward more than anything. It's really hard to go to church sometimes knowing I don't know anyone yet, plus there's no one our age. The adults are really nice and i'm starting to work on names, now that I have most faces down. Small towns are different, though, and not what i'm used to! They have their own lingo and their own way to dress (which is NOT my way to dress...) and they're all really close. It's a fairly new ward, the 4th ward in the stake here in Gillette. They organized it right before we got married but everyone seems to have been a group for years! Hope I can fit in somewhere!

We can't wait to get to Idaho but don't anticipate being poor as's really nice living free here and only worrying about gas and tithing, but we know we're supposed to be in Idaho, which makes us look forward to it. (Plus, we better get used to the poor thing...only 6 1/2 more years of school!.....)

Well that's it: thanks for reading! I miss everyone!