Monday, May 17, 2010


Well, i've been attempting this post for awhile now! I wish I had pics, but I don't...we've kind of run out of interesting things to take pictures of!

Our schedules have changed up quite a bit--mine, especially!

Mitch is busy working this semester as a maintenance man for our complex. I'm AMAZED at everything my guy can fix!! It makes me excited to own a house in 203957 more years, after we're done with med school :o) He's been reading a huge book about every other day, including the Bourne series and is loving it. He also joined World Gym and is working out every day! I'm so proud of him for trying to accomplish his goals and using his off-semester to do so! He has also made me so proud in taking care of our apartment so I can focus on school. Plus, I'm still not feeling "normal" (will I ever again!?), and it really helps to have a man willing to take over when I feel like spewing...

My schedule changed drastically last week. Long story short, my boss's-boss, Jim, told my two bosses at the ticket office that I could still work while taking only 6 credits, not 12, which is full-time. I found out last week that I would be let go this semester without 6 more credits.

PLUS, I had had a job interview for a 2nd on-campus job (the only kind available in Rexburg) that would give me 15 hrs/week. We did the math and found that my two jobs alone would completely pay our rent every month!! That is HUGE for us! So, I was excited about this job. It was offered to me the same day I found out about the 6 credits. Turns out they have the same requirements and I had to be going to school full-time...

So, TWO DAYS before the add/drop date I had to find 6 credits to add. I petitioned and called and emailed professors whose classes were shown to have open spots, but they all turned me down. I was kept up at night by nightmares of having to give up both jobs. I woke up the next morning to SIX professors who would let me into their class!! I picked two three-credit classes that ACTUALLY HELP me toward graduation, and off I went...I accepted the job, bought some books, picked up more grant money (it doubled due to my credits) and i'm still playing catch-up. I have -3 weeks to make up 3 weeks of work, but the professors are being very nice and understanding...that's why I picked 'em! :o)

So, my new schedule includes starting work every morning at 8 and working until 11, then 4 out of 5 days going to my first class at 11:30 and staying until about 4:15. Then I come home and do tons of homework and work evenings with the ticket office at events.

We are excited about this new job, but it puts a huge demand on me. I couldn't do it if I didn't know how supportive and wonderful (am I gushing? Oh well!) Mitch is, and how much he's willing to do around here!

Well, I guess it doesn't sound like a change worth four "ch-'s", but it reminded me of a song from Shrek 2, so it sounded good :o) Plus, it affects our day a lot, especially if you know me as well as the next guy and know that I HATE mornings. LOATHE them. DETEST. Ughhhh.... But hey, it's a job that pays the rent! :o) Mitch and I are putting ourselves on strict schedules this week, and planning our days out hour-by-hour. This should help with the whole "self-motivation" aspect.

Wish us luck! :o)