Thursday, September 10, 2009

Married life is bliss :o)

We've been married 28 days now, according to my Facebook counter :o) We just love it!! The best part is that we can see each other whenever we want, and we don't have to worry about any tempations keeping us from the Temple: it's great!!

I know I haven't posted in forever! Since my last post, we've had formal pictures taken, gotten married, bought a couch and a car, packed up everything I own, and moved to WYOMING! (Until January when we head back to Idaho). We just love our little life, even if there is more stress than we ever realized...who knew our parents had to think about so much just to live and eat!?

Even if we're a little shell-shocked, we're still happy and that's all that matters!

I started two online classes. (Mitch's school break is this fall, mine was last summer) One is a general called Art and Propoganda and the other is a religion class, New Testament. I'm excited about them but also a little nervous! I haven't been in school since the beginning of April and it's nervewracking getting back in the swing of things: or trying to at least! My New Testament teacher is very grumpy and my Art and Prop teacher is just the opposite! So at least I got one happy teacher!

Mitch is working at the same place he worked after he got home from his mission and I just was told today that I got a job at Hallmark. I'm also working for a temp agency on the side. Yay for working at Hallmark during the holidays! At least it's a company i'm familiar with, being headquartered out of the city I was born in! Mitch's boss is a member of the Church and is very nice, and mine seems nice too. Wish us luck!

Here are a few pictures from our formals and wedding day: i'll get the reception pics up soon! I want to know how to make a slideshow on this thing...maybe a Smilebox like Sis Bishop does!