Friday, April 30, 2010

New trimester, new semester, new schedules!

Well, it's a new trimester for baby Dooley--hopefully this means the lessening of morning sickness will continue and i'll fit into my bigger clothes soon! (Hey, i'm more comfortable, so I don't really care how I look!)

A new semester for me (my first summer at BYU-I!)

And we have new schedules: Mitch isn't taking classes right now; however, the challenge is now keeping his time occupied with something that isn't completely useless. He's getting a lot of maintenance work from our complex, reading a lot of books, and he joined World Gym (yay, $10/month memberships! He loves it and goes almost every day!).

I'm supposed to be "off-track" -- out of the 3 semesters, this is my semester off, but since we figure it'll be harder to finish school after baby Dooley comes next semester, i'm taking 6 credits. I like the workload of going part-time! If only I could do this every semester and NOT take 4 more years to graduate! The weird thing is that this is my 5th semester, so I should be done in 3 more semesters...I'm sure it'll take longer than that, though :o)

A few weeks ago we spent a GREAT week with Mitch's family. We get to see them again for Ethan's graduation (!!!) over Memorial Day weekend! Can't wait! :o) Here's a picture from our drive: Mitch was scaring me right after this picture was taken (in Bighorn National Forest) by stepping over the guardrails...luckily he's not insane, so I didn't have to worry :o) We'd pulled over to let our brakes cool down after the hugely steep roads into the base of the canyon.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


It's another welcomed end to another semester at BYU-Idaho. I was all excited for it to get warm, but of course, the weather just teased us like always.

I wish I had pics for this post, but I don't, so i'll try and make it short!

We are so excited to see Mitch's family this weekend/next week! We'll get to spend some good time with them!

I am working at graduation this Saturday also...a gig I used to get out of by flying home! Not this year! I can't believe it starts so early--on the first weekend of the break, too! Oh, well--it's a job, and it's money :o)

Baby Dooley's doing great as far as we know--nothing unusual so far. We go back to the doctor at the end of April, which doesn't seem like it's that far away! We're excited to see how things are cookin' in there! I'm learning how to stay ahead of my morning sickness--eating until i'm full before i'm hungry, getting plenty of fluids, eating when i'm nauseous, etc. I'm not wearing my Sea-Bands nearly as much anymore--I always have them with me just in case, but it's good to not be totally dependent on them. I am worried about this weekend's long car ride, though! Mitch has been SUPER at helping me with EVERYTHING I don't feel like I have the energy to do: he cleans the house during my daily nap, does extra chores, and doesn't complain one bit! What a great guy :o)

Well, that's it! Everything's going great in our Dooley world!