Thursday, April 8, 2010


It's another welcomed end to another semester at BYU-Idaho. I was all excited for it to get warm, but of course, the weather just teased us like always.

I wish I had pics for this post, but I don't, so i'll try and make it short!

We are so excited to see Mitch's family this weekend/next week! We'll get to spend some good time with them!

I am working at graduation this Saturday also...a gig I used to get out of by flying home! Not this year! I can't believe it starts so early--on the first weekend of the break, too! Oh, well--it's a job, and it's money :o)

Baby Dooley's doing great as far as we know--nothing unusual so far. We go back to the doctor at the end of April, which doesn't seem like it's that far away! We're excited to see how things are cookin' in there! I'm learning how to stay ahead of my morning sickness--eating until i'm full before i'm hungry, getting plenty of fluids, eating when i'm nauseous, etc. I'm not wearing my Sea-Bands nearly as much anymore--I always have them with me just in case, but it's good to not be totally dependent on them. I am worried about this weekend's long car ride, though! Mitch has been SUPER at helping me with EVERYTHING I don't feel like I have the energy to do: he cleans the house during my daily nap, does extra chores, and doesn't complain one bit! What a great guy :o)

Well, that's it! Everything's going great in our Dooley world!


  1. yay! for school being done! Enjoy the time off with Mitch's family! Good luck with the car ride. Car rides+morning sickness=not a very fun time in my book.

  2. It is good to see you doing so well. I am so happy for you. It sounds like you married a great guy. Congrats on the baby again. I feel bad about your sickness. I feel for you. I will have to try the bracelets the next go around. I never have. Where do you get them? Anyhow take care. Sorry Rexburg is bad. I love it in Idaho Falls but I have grown up here so I am used to it. The house will come. I so remember being where you are at and thinking it is never going to happen. Enjoy the apartments and townhouses. It is nice to have all the maintenance done for you. All your schooling will pay off someday. Just hang in there. Take Care!!

  3. I am so happy that you found a great guy and he takes care of you :-)


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