Friday, April 30, 2010

New trimester, new semester, new schedules!

Well, it's a new trimester for baby Dooley--hopefully this means the lessening of morning sickness will continue and i'll fit into my bigger clothes soon! (Hey, i'm more comfortable, so I don't really care how I look!)

A new semester for me (my first summer at BYU-I!)

And we have new schedules: Mitch isn't taking classes right now; however, the challenge is now keeping his time occupied with something that isn't completely useless. He's getting a lot of maintenance work from our complex, reading a lot of books, and he joined World Gym (yay, $10/month memberships! He loves it and goes almost every day!).

I'm supposed to be "off-track" -- out of the 3 semesters, this is my semester off, but since we figure it'll be harder to finish school after baby Dooley comes next semester, i'm taking 6 credits. I like the workload of going part-time! If only I could do this every semester and NOT take 4 more years to graduate! The weird thing is that this is my 5th semester, so I should be done in 3 more semesters...I'm sure it'll take longer than that, though :o)

A few weeks ago we spent a GREAT week with Mitch's family. We get to see them again for Ethan's graduation (!!!) over Memorial Day weekend! Can't wait! :o) Here's a picture from our drive: Mitch was scaring me right after this picture was taken (in Bighorn National Forest) by stepping over the guardrails...luckily he's not insane, so I didn't have to worry :o) We'd pulled over to let our brakes cool down after the hugely steep roads into the base of the canyon.

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  1. yay! for all the new stuff! Double yay! for a new trimester! Hopefully your morning sickness will just get better and better. I had to laugh a bit at the guardrail stunt, that has Spencer written all over it :P


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