Thursday, January 20, 2011

Worrying the Night Away

That's all i've been doing these days. Worrying at nighttime.

We're concerned about Nathan's breathing. Sleep apnea runs in our family; Mitch's dad has it and Mitch has shown signs of it. After doing research and talking to a specialist that works for a Children's Hospital here in Kansas City, i've learned some signs of sleep apnea in infants:

1) Won't nap for extended periods of time, meaning longer than 30 minutes or so.
2) Coughs, gags, or chokes during everyday tasks (sucking on a bottle or binkie, or nursing).
3) "sings" while sleeping (can also sound like humming)
4) wakes up coughing or gasping for air.
5) clears their throat multiple times, often while falling asleep.
6) Stops breathing for 20 seconds or more, usually while asleep.

Well, the only sign I can't confirm is #6, because I'm still getting a little bit of sleep and i'm not awake timing his breathing.

This list makes me worry.

Especially because his insurance is only accepted in Idaho, which means I have to wait until Tuesday to take him into a pediatrician, which will lead to x-rays, then an appointment to a pediatric sleep specialist if needed. We've been told that a pediatrician can tell us with about an 80-90% surety what it is and what specialist we'll need to see, if any.

Sleep apnea would sure make a lot of sense, and would explain his loud sleeping. Apparently infants can use noises in their sleep to keep breathing, using air passing over their vocal cords as a defense mechanism to keep airways open. Also, lots of SIDS cases end up being traced back to sleep apnea or an underdeveloped airway.

All of this means pretty much no sleep for me, because I worry that he's not breathing. Luckily, he and I are sleeping in the same guest room in my parents' house so I can keep him close and listen to him at night.

I tend to be mostly public about life, but randomly private about some things. This has been one of them. Don't be offended if you think I should have mentioned it to you in person, because only Mitch and I have really known about it. We don't want to get everyone concerned if it's nothing. But, I also couldn't keep it to myself any longer because my concern is only growing!

Nathan has an appointment with his pediatrician on Tuesday at 1:30. Keep us in your prayers! We want nothing more than little boy in good health.

...and our insurance covering all this would be very helpful as well! Living on financial aid is hard enough!


  1. Sorry to hear about the sleep apnea thing. I will defiantly keep you/family in my prayers. Try to get some sleep.

  2. Hopefully the pediatrician has soon answers for you! Good luck, sweetie!

    ps-it was so great to see you on tuesday!

  3. dude- Fisher TOTALLY had sleep apnea. We had his tonsils & adenoids removed when he was 4 and it has made a WORLD of difference. -(like getting his first good nights sleep and growing 6 inches in 6 months!) Good for you for figuring it out in his first months of life, and not 4 years into it & I hope you have good Dr.'s that will take care of your sweet babe :) :) :)


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