Thursday, June 7, 2012

Just a little update...

...because I have 3 photo shoots that I need to be editing, and another shoot happening on Monday!

Life is good when it's busy, but then I find myself never taking pictures of my own kiddo, let alone editing any or blogging.

So, since it's been almost a month (yikes!) since my last update, here it goes!

Over Memorial Day weekend we celebrated Mitch's little sister, Jayna, in her accomplishments. She had just found out about a big scholarship to the University of Wyoming, where she will be starting school in the fall. Plus, on Sunday the 27th of May she graduated high school AND turned 18! It was a weekend of fun and family, and we loved it! It was also a nice break from Rexburg...because as much as we love this little town, it's nice to get away sometimes. Even if it's just another by going to another little town! :o)

It was raining the day of graduation and I tried to coax Jayna into letting me take some pictures of her in her cap and gown, but it was purple and she wasn't too convinced that standing out in the rain would be worth it. So, we got a few and called it good :o)

Jayna is a cute little lady--you can see her senior photo shoot here!

Here she is graduating: I know most of you don't know her, but I wanted to post these for parents and grandparents.

 I apologize for the poor quality of the photos. I had a fixed zoom lens on my camera, so once I dove onto the floor (I admit, we almost missed her because she walked with the choir, not in alphabetical order!), I was, I'm not really sure I was supposed to be where I was, so I didn't want to sue a flash and get myself in trouble. The harsh, dim indoor light and no flash resulted in a high ISO, which means more graininess...I did the best I could!

Here is Jayna singing with the senior choir during the ceremony.

We love you, Jayna, and we're so proud of you! As much as we wish you were coming to join us at BYU-Idaho, we are so pleased with all you've already achieved at University of Wyoming...especially considering you haven't even started yet! You go, cute girl!!

Nathan did especially well, even though this meant 5-6 hours of sitting still in church was from 9 am to 12 pm, then we went home for a quick lunch and left for graduation at 12:30 (his nap time is at ten...) and got home around 3. What a trooper! Here he is giving big hugs to daddy:

 Then we met Jayna outside and all went home.

And there's Jayna's secret boyfriend in the corner, just dying to get a picture with her...just kidding :o)

Nathan REALLY wanted me to pick him was naptime for sure!

 After a good, long afternoon nap we went outside for some hot tub time!

Nathan was NOT a fan at first...

Then he got in his little floatie and started to forget what he was upset about...

 And in this last picture, he's actually laughing!

Then I put the camera down and got in!

More updates to come soon; for now more pictures! My best friend got a new camera and took some really fun pictures of Nathan and I!

They all probably look the same to people, but again, this post is mostly for family :o) 

I was so happy to have these pictures; I never get pictures with my boy! Too bad Mitch doesn't like pictures. (Does he KNOW who he married!? lol) He missed out!

Love his little face in this one! He never makes that face; I love it!

Probably a favorite!

You deserve a gold star if you're still here!


  1. aw... so cute! I really want to take some family shoots soon... and too funny about the hot tub because (as I recall) he lOVED it last time! happy summering!

    1. Sarah--he totally loved it after he got used to it. This is his reaction to being thrown into any activity without time to warm up to it--even doing a puzzle or something! My sweet, timid boy :o)

  2. Thanks Alaina! They are great! And just so you know, I have no idea who that blurry guy in the background is.... although he could be really cute :) haha I LOVE the pictures of you and Nathan! So cute!

  3. Oh my goodness those pictures of you and Nathan are precious!! I wish my little boy would sit still long enough to take pictures with me. He just doesn't stop moving!! Congrats to Jayna too. Still can't believe she is 18!

  4. Love all the pics! Congrats to your sis-in-law! Oh, and you look so much like Melissa in the pics w/you and Nathan...or maybe I should say Melissa looks so much like you!

  5. Ahhhhhh.. those pictures of you and Nathan are SO cute! Glad to hear things are going good for you.. as usual! :)


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