Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bittersweet Autumns in Idaho!

Autumns here are pretty bittersweet. The leaves are gorgeous, the grass is still green, the mountain air is getting crisp, and I get to do fall photo shoots with just the most beautiful colors!

However, we all know that about 8 months of snow and negative temperatures are upon us. My sister Camille told me the other day that it is usually 10 degrees colder here than it is in Provo, UT where she goes to school. Awesome. And I'm already freezing!!

Anyway, speaking of gorgeous leaves, Nathan is not sure what to think. So, since I couldn't convince him to sit in the leaves for a little photo shoot (BOY did I try!), we decided to join our neighbor Juanee and her daughter Sunny while they raked/played in the leaves. Nathan is just getting braver every day, but you can still see the frustration on his face when he throws leaves...he's just still a bit nervous!

Haha that FACE!

Neighbor baby Sunny, doing her one-legged crawl across the concrete...silly girl! It was so warm that day so she could move all around for a long time without getting cold!

Wondering what the heck Nathan is doing. I would, too!

THIS is what he was doing.

Oh I LOVE his "concentrating" face!

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No idea... :o)

Haha! My favorite :o)

Eww...haha I think this is the last traces of the "freaked out" face.

Future golfer?

 And now, for our little announcement!! It's been SO hard keeping it a secret, but here is DOOLEY #2!!

 I am 8 weeks along and due June 4th. We are SO excited!! Everything has gone well so far, although I'm already sick, exhausted constantly, AND I've already gained 7 lbs in 8 weeks. This may be normal, but I feel like it's all in my stomach! Bump pictures to come if you can't tell, I'm totally showing already. I would have waited to 12 weeks to tell people but I CAN'T because it's getting obvious! (Depending on which time of day you see me, haha!)

We told Nathan about the baby today. We asked, "do YOU want a baby to come home with us?" He answered, " No baby. No." Haha, sorry kid, you don't get a choice! He's still a bit young for the idea anyway!

This is the third time we have gotten pregnant right away...Needless to say, Mitch is feeling like a real man! :o) We switched OB/GYN practices and are IN LOVE with the new doctors. I will post more details on that later. However, I NEVER should have gone to the practice I did with Nathan!! I am so glad I made that discovery before going through another pregnancy! Forget choosing a practice because it's close to you house...


  1. hey! who are you seein up there??? i have been to every ob/gyn i have a pretty good insight! love to help you a bit! sooooooooo exciting!!!! congrats!!!

  2. Oh my gosh Alaina how exciting! We may have 2 kids with the same birthday. Nate was born on June 4th. But if you go late Gabi was born on June 10th. Of course you never want to be past due, hahaha!! Very happy for you! And yes the more kids you have the quicker you start to show.

  3. Congrats! So happy. I loved having #2. (Okay and the rest of them! Ha ha.) So happy for you!

  4. love all the pictures of your adorable little man!

    That picture of your baby bump is pretty adorable too :)


  5. How cute is that guy?!?! And yay for babies!

  6. Congratulations! :) I thought maybe that was what the date meant on facebook. I'm so excited for you. Ava's not sure what to think of all this baby talk either. I'm looking forward to your post about the new doctor even though I won't be switching mine since I'm already 33 weeks. I felt like I was already showing at 8 weeks too.

  7. yay! I must admit I'm jealous, we were hoping to get pregnant in June - alas. June babies are so much fun and I'm so excited for you :) Hope you're feeling well. Nathan is so cute and I'm sure the idea will grow on him more and more until he's just the best big brother you could ever ask for :)

  8. Yay! Congrats on the next little Dooley. That is a great ultrasound pic for 8 weeks! Your little man is so sweet.

  9. hey at least you'll have a bun in the oven to keep you warm during the winter! I loved being pregnant during the winter...never wore a coat! :)

    congrats :)

  10. yay!!! Congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you FOUR! :) Good times are coming, for sure. Good luck w/ the ick pregnancy stuff - all worth it in the end, right??


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