Friday, January 18, 2013

Exciting Appointments and Going to Counseling

We loved seeing our little peach, Miss Eliza, on her 16 week ultrasound, when they did her early gender check. It is so fun to see these tiny ones swimming around!

Well, we have another appointment in about half an hour, the full 20 week ultrasound where they'll check her top-to-bottom to make sure nothing's wrong. We're praying for health in our little girl! 

 I know I've been lame at blogging since last semester when I was doing my practicum and never had time for much of anything. Even any facebooking was done from my kindle in between classes!

So, here's a promise: As soon as I get home I'm going to blog about this, before I forget the details. This blog is my journal, and I've taken pride in actually keeping a journal over the last few years! However, I need to be less lame and write more, and I want to remember some of my first ever memories of our daughter. (Man, that's fun to say! I just got used to saying "our son" regarding Nathan!)

Here are a few little memories from the last 20 weeks:

Movements came SO much sooner than with Nathan, as is common with most subsequent babies, or so I've been told! When I lay flat on my back we can even see her moving and kicking. It's SO cool! She loves my bladder...not cool.

I had my first birth dream with this baby the other night. It wasn't anything long or detailed, just simple.  Everything actually went perfectly in this dream, which is exactly what I NEED to be envisioning at this point. Although I know that something, whether it be little or big, almost always goes wrong, I like having another scenario to picture. Being at my friend Juanee's birth really helped; THAT was a fast, flawless first labor! But remembering this dream has already brought me a lot of comfort in the last few days, and I'm grateful that it seems so real to me still!

As far as the other half of this blog post title goes, it was recommended to me by our family practitioner to go back to counseling. My anxiety is horrible right now, almost as bad as when I was in counseling last time. His opinion was that I should give a thought or two to preparing for a situation, and being counseled in preparing for having Eliza. Since my last experience, having Nathan, was what turned my life and personality completely upside down, I consider it to be wise counsel to try and prepare to do this again. That way, whether I'm dealing with a normal, uneventful birth or being rushed back into that OR, I will be mentally prepared for it all...or at least as prepared as possible!

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