Saturday, February 23, 2013

There's a First Time for Everything...

We all know that the first few years of a child's life yield a lot of "firsts". Most of them are good. Some of them are just discoveries made by curious little toddlers, anxious to do everything mom and dad do.

Because apparently we color on ourselves with Sharpies. 
Okay, I'm sure every parent has this question, but

WHY do SHARPIE CAPS come off so EASILY!?!? 

And yet I know plenty of kids who are learning to use Crayola markers and just can't get their dang caps off! I'd be much more okay with a Crayola mural, all washable and erasable, than a Sharpie mural.
haha that face!

Thank heavens he didn't destroy property; little boys are easier to wash. Especially being renters, the last thing we need is him coloring all over someone else's property or losing part of our deposit when we have to pay for paint/primer/whatever to get Sharpie off. (Of course, we'd call our moms or check Pinterest first for tricks to get Sharpies off of things...)

He DID, however, get it all over his scalp. Which didn't come off so easily. Lysol wipes took it off our kitchen table just fine, as well as his belly, face, and arms. We did have to scrub him down after using the wipes, though. This poor kid's skin struggles with excema and we didn't want a nasty rash!

Can we be DONE taking pictures!? This isn't fun...

 You can tell how remorseful he is by the expressions on his face! We had a good long talk about what we color on and what we don't...although I'm sure this won't be his last struggle in this area...

I must add, the little rebel DID get extra brownie points for saying, "Marker black like Diesel black!"...Diesel is a train on Thomas and Friends who is made of black steel. 

We've been using Thomas to learn our colors, which works out well since he loves the characters. So far he knows "Blue like Thomas", "Green like Percy", "Yellow like Mollie", "Black like Diesel", and "Red like James". Yeah, you still win us over, kid. :o)


  1. I had a kid color on a fridge in sharpie - the DAY we were moving out of the apartment. I had visions of having to pay for a new fridge! YIKES! Luckily I had nail polish remover handy. Also luckily it wears off just fine.

    I knew kids who tried to color their feet black so they wouldn't have to wear Sunday shoes!)


  2. Looks like he could be a leftie, since his right hand seems to have most of the marker on it??


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