Monday, July 15, 2013

Comparing Children

No, of course not like THAT...

(although Eliza is a calm, easy-to-please baby who appreciates sleep...Nathan was none of those!)

Anyway, this is just a quick post to get some opinions. I have always loved looking at babies and trying to figure out who they look like in their family. I have a friend in our new complex who's white and her husband is black. They have 3 beautiful, caramel-colored, curly haired boys. I told her her youngest had her eyes and nose and that you can see a lot of his mama in his facial expressions and she almost cried...she said she'd NEVER heard that before; that people just look at their darker skin and her light skin and that's it.

We thought Eliza was a mini-Nathan, but then we looked at MY baby pictures and saw something different. Let us know what you think! Who looks like who? :o)

Mitch vs. Nathan, at about the same age:

Me vs. Eliza, at about the same age:

Nathan at about Eliza's age:

Eliza (making about the same facial expressions Nathan was in the pictures above...)

It was hard to find great examples to compare against Eliza because she's just so much SMALLER than most 2 month olds! We went to the doctor today, in fact, and she's 7 pounds 15 oz...ALMOST 8 lbs! She's also only 21 inches long with a 14" head circumference. She's 1st percentile in everything, whereas Nathan was 40-50th percentiles, always has been. Nathan was also starting to chunk up by 2 months, and Eliza is still far from it, although her cheeks are filling out and her thighs are thinking about it. She's a bit behind on skills like smiling, which we knew was probably going to happen with her being early (and simple tasks really wear her out), but her doctor said today that she has one of the strongest necks and backs he's EVER seen in a 2 month old, preemie or not! He's one of the most popular doctors in Rexburg, the land where everyone has babies all the time, so I feel like that's saying a lot!

In any case, we love our cuties! 

End-of-semester family update to come soon!


  1. I can't believe how much Nathan looks like your husband in their baby pics! And you & Eliza! We are still trying to figure out who Ellie looks like. My mom says from the bridge of her nose up she's me & from there down she's Nathan. I should dig out my baby pics & do a comparison bc I just don't know which one of us she resembles more! John is definitely all Nathan & always has been!

  2. I don't know who they look like but they're both definitely cute! (OK, Nathan is obviously his father's son. :) ). I'm pretty sure your 2 month old is half the size of my 2 month old!

  3. How cute! Thanks for sharing. This is a fun idea :)


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