Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Didn't I have a blog once?

So i've forgotten about my poor, little, unread blog! Oops!

I'm posting pics of our new apartment this week: it's almost all done except the 2nd bedroom (our study/whatever doesn't have a place's all the complex had and we spent 2 semesters looking for a home!), and I have a few pictures to put up...well, the frames are up, the pics just aren't printed yet.

So we'll see how for how long the fake family with model faces entertain us.

My favorite rooms are the kitchen and the bathroom...and our WALK-IN closet!!

(Hello!? Girl + her 528238512 shoes and 39395209678 clothes = great appreciation for a huge closet--well the biggest i've ever had!)

So, we'll see what pictures I can take and upload with my FABULOUS new camera (yay Christmas presents!) and get on here for all of you...well, for the 4 people that ever read this! :o)

School started yesterday and we're both dreading the routine but looking forward to the learning and getting closer to this point we both feel like we're on one of those ten-year plans for a Bachelor's degree....smack in the middle, no end in sight! :o)

I hope everyone's Christmas and New Year were wonderful. I'll hafta post pictures of that too!


  1. I am so happy for you! Yea for big closets!

  2. Can't wait to see pics! Can I just say I'm drooling over the idea of a walk-in? 5.5 yrs of marriage down with nothing but multiple very small, shared closets. *sigh* c'est la vie.

    Good luck with the semester!

    Oh, and I didn't have a chance to comment before, but I'm uber-impressed with the cake. So creative!

  3. Hey Alaina! Congrats on the new camera! I have a Canon Rebel, and I love it. If you've got a nice camera and photoshop, prepare to get obsessed! :D If you're looking for photoshop tips, I love . She's got awesome tutorials on how to make your pictures look cool without a lot of work. Have fun! And congrats on getting a 2 bedroom apt. I'm still dreaming of some extra space to spread out in! Someday.....


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