Friday, January 29, 2010


Time for some pictures!!

This is what I have edited so i'm always tweaking things and finding that I like them better that way, so i'm afraid to post some old pictures! Right now it'll just be a sneak peek because we've changed a lot of things. (New washer and dryer, more kitchen and room decor, etc.) This is the RELAX sign I made awhile ago...let's see if I can find a better picture of it...I wonder if Microsoft took it with everything else....ahhh, there it is! The one on the left is it hanging in my apartment before I got married. I needed a project one day, so I walked to the craft store and picked some of the stuff up; some I already had. PS--the curtains in the first picture are like a sage green...not pukey like in the picture!

This is the curtain we put up in our kitchen to separate it from the "laundry room"...if you can call it that! If we didn't have it there'd be a small wall (kind of) separating the fridge from the washer...they're right next to each other! We found it on sale at Target, where we had gift cards, so that was fun! It has red and green and blue and yellow, my "kitchen colors."

Here's the last one for today: this is a really cool shower gift given to me by Diana Chambers. She's always ahead of the upcoming trends: i'd never seen anything like this before, but it says DOOLEY! How cool is that!? Now i'm seeing them everywhere and I feel COOL to have the "first" one! We think it'll look really cool in Mitch's office one day (you know, in 203948 years when we're out of school and he's an optometrist!) But for now it has a new home above our entertainment center :o)

Well, that's it for now...i'll try to take some more soon!


  1. You have such cute taste, I love it

  2. Love the pics! I'm especially in love with your kitchen colors, they're so bright and all good kitchen should be, in my opinion.


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