Friday, February 12, 2010

Something new to love :o)


I'll try to make this short! I'm just so excited!

I was at D.I. last night and found a sewing machine!!

It's beautiful.

In fact, it's vintage cream and brown.

I don't think anyone else would've seen it as anything to stop and gaze at, but I've been DYING without one!!

I didn't sew that much at home, but now that i'm trying to decorate things (and mending pants for my man...) i've been quite anxious for this machine.

My mom was going to send one to me with a friend who's coming out this weekend, but she opened it up and it was a dinosaur. So, it didn't make it to cold, frigid Rexburg.

I love this thing :o) I can't wait to get started! Appropriately, Mitch ripped more pants yesterday...these were brand new, actually, and he has no idea how it happened...he's blaming the "big, fat guy who tried them on in the dressing room, bent over, and ripped them..."

He'd kill me if he knew I was talking about this to all of the HUNDREDS that read this....yeah right!

Your secret is in no danger here, sweetie :o)

I'll post pictures soon!

For now, here's a fun one from our apartment!

I don't have a ton of pictures uploaded yet because I keep changing things (and liking them better after I shift them around a bit...). However, I did get all my prints from shutterfly this week! So, the photo collage in our dining room is finally done! Exciting :o)

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  1. yay! I bought a sewing machine just under a year ago, and I've loved haivng one. Have fun!


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