Monday, July 12, 2010

July 2010...And a belly pic!

Well, it's been 29305 days (give or take :o) since I posted last, so here we go!

I'm jealous of all those people who can update their blogs on a regular basis!

We've had a pretty great July. I've been getting through classes, work, and growing a fetus. Mitch has been kept busy with work (maintenance in our complex; towards the end of a semester work piles up!), and donating his plasma to save up for a new pistol! I'm so proud of him! He gets about $50/week for donating plasma and puts it all towards his new gun. We couldn't find wiggle room in our budget, so this turned out to be a good option! He's working hard for it, so hopefully it'll mean he appreciates it more!

Speaking of growing our fetus, here's a picture of our little Nathan man! :o) He's kicking and "tapping" my belly all the time!

We had a doctor's appointment today: 23 weeks! Just a normal one; listening to the heartbeat, measuring the belly, etc. Nothing too interesting! Nathan's doing great and i'm still measuring normally, so everything's going pretty well I guess! In four weeks is the big glucose test for gestational diabetes...cross your fingers! Luckily i've had to drink that yucky, syrup-y glucose drink before, when I tested positive for hypoglycemia. Luckily that glucose drink was twice the size of this one, so this shouldn't be a big deal!

Anyway, to drone on, we went garage sale-ing on Saturday and Mitch found a great fish tank, all set up with a really nice pump and filter and everything! We bought 5 fish, 1 suckerfish, and 2 crabs! We like them :o) Here's a few of my favorite pictures!

We like our fishies :o)

We also had some family visit in late June/early July to help us celebrate the Fourth of July! Mitch's whole family was in town at some point: Ethan and Jayna went to BYU-I summer camps out here (like EFY, but more outdoors-y) and their mom dropped them off one weekend, then their dad picked them up the next weekend! We loved having Ethan stay with us for the few days before and after his camp. We did lots of fun things while everyone was in town: we went to the duck ponds and fed ducks popcorn, then went to dinner at Red Robin with Mitch's mom and the next weekend ate at Famous Dave's and blew off fireworks with Mitch's dad. Talk about some spoiled weekends! We didn't know what to do with ourselves this last weekend! Here are some fun pictures :o)

Fun at the duck pond feeding them popcorn, and my father-in-law and sister-in-law Jayna enjoyed swinging at the park we lit fireworks off at! :o)

Can you find the Mitch in the tree?

Well, that's been our July so far...sorry for all the gabbing!


  1. Ugh! The glucose drink was the worst! I remember having to hold my hand around my throat so I wouldn't throw it up! I love you're cute belly picture... I hope it's ok that I found your blog by the way! I love keeping up with the ole KS crew!

  2. I am glad that we found each others blogs!! I sent you an email invite to my baby blog too! Pregnancy does seem to bring women together doesn't it?!? :D

    Looks like you are enjoying your summer while you are still small enough to be comfortable. But then again, it doesn't really reach anywhere near 100 up there does it?

  3. What a cute baby belly! Spencer was a plasma man too, it really helped us get through those last couple of semesters during his masters.

    ps-Just so you know (I'm pretty sure Spence told your mom this too), you or any of your fam is welcome to stay in our guest room down in the basement when you come out to visit. Things'll be pretty crazy at your parents house what w/the move and everything, so any of y'all are welcome here anytime!


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