Friday, July 30, 2010

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing...

This is a limbo week for us. Nothing much has gone on since the last post--I had to sit and come up with something to post about so I don't seem so lazy!

I'm usually not up this early. This is our 7-week break. Because we have 3 semesters/trimesters at BYU-I and we go to school during all three, this is the only break we get! Every year it falls between Spring and Fall semesters, and it's definitely a time worth making the most of, before the schedule grind starts again.

So, I usually sleep in. At least this week. I've had to get up super early for work, then for school, all of Spring semester, so i'm enjoying it.

This is our calm before the chaos week...we purposefully didn't plan much (although a lot has come up to do!) so that we could have a veg week. We've even been picky about being social. It's just nice to do nothing every once in awhile before our lives are changed completely by this little man!

However, this morning I was wide awake at 7 am. Nathan's easing me into the sleeplessness thing pretty regularly, I guess. Between his constant kicking/punching and lots of back pain, it takes 4-5 pillows and a Sudafed to get me to sleep (yay, swollen blood vessels=stuffy noses!!), and even then i'm only asleep for 2-3 hours. Then it's up, to the bathroom, to the fridge/cupboard, then back in bed for another 2-3 hours. Anyone who knows me will know that I love my sleep. This is a weird experience for me: I haven't had much to interrupt my sleep for years. I know all you experienced mamas out there are probably thinking, "JUST WAIT!!", like everyone else is telling me!

Next week is an exciting one for us, then the rest of the month continues just as exciting! On Sunday i'll teach the music to the kiddos at church like I do every week, then Monday we leave for KANSAS CITY!!! I haven't been home in a year, and I miss it terribly. I've seen my family since then, but I miss ALLLL the friends, extended family, my dog, etc. I miss just living around my family. There was never a dull moment; Mitch and I have a lot of them, because there are only two of us, and we're both pretty laid-back.

We'll spend most of the time helping my parents move (Mitch has been recruited to help them move both their grand and upright pianos!), but we have lots of fun things planned as well. I have all the colors picked out for Nathan's room, and i'm hoping to find fabric while i'm there so I can start making bedding/decor.

We come home the 11th, I have a dentist appt. the 12th, my glucose test on the 13th (What a way to celebrate a one-year anniversary, right!?), and we're off to Lake Chelan in Oregon on the 14th! We're so excited! I wish I could do everything that everyone else will get to do, but I have no doubt it'll still be a blast! I love boating and swimming, and my mom found me a GREAT maternity swimsuit (it's pretty cute, actually! Who knew anything maternity could be cute!?), and Mitch is just about as excited to fish and do everything else. We can't wait!

Hopefully we'll have a ton of pictures to show off when we get back on the 22nd!

My parents are dropping Camille off at BYU the last week of August/first week of Sept. and they're stopping by Rexburg to drop off baby stuff that we won't be able to fly home with. I'm way excited: my mom hasn't been here since we've been married! Then school starts September 9th and we're back to a routine and a schedule!

Happy Seven-Week Break! :o) Sorry for gabbing ears off again...anyone with the patience to read this should be given some legit award! :o)


  1. You are such a great and positive person, I love that about you. I cant wait to see you!!

  2. I'll take an award, thank you! Make sure it's sparkly!

    Enjoy your week off, you've got a whole lot coming up, it sounds like! It'll be great to see you in all of your pregnant glory!

  3. I can not wait to see you. I'm sorry that little Nathan has to make you a little miserable at times, I've heard it isn't a picnic to be pregnant. But I'm sure you've heard plenty of "it's worth it"s. It's good to see you can still enjoy the little things, like the Alaina I've always loved!


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