Thursday, August 12, 2010

Home Sweet Kansas!

We just got back yesterday evening from an amazing trip to Kansas City to spend 9 days with my family! It flew by so quickly and I can't believe I hadn't been home for a year!!

My parents are moving (slowly, but surely), and my dad is in between jobs right now, so the stress at home was high. They've been handling everything really well, though, and hopefully will be able to move everything fully (it's only six blocks away) by the goal date of 25th-ish (can't remember the exact date!). They're so ready to be DONE and in the new house, but after not moving for 16 years, there's a lot of work to be done in the old house, and a lot of storage, etc. to go through.

Mitch and my dad worked and worked (and WORKED!) hard all week! He and my dad built a room from the ground up, which got painted the day we left (so yesterday). They have plywood subfloor in at the moment and will put the hardwood in after they paint, then the trim can go up and it'll be done! This room was built in the back of the new garage and connects onto the dining room and will be a beautiful home for their grand piano. They're painting it sage green, which I think will look amazing against the brown piano wood! Mitch worked hard and learned a lot, too, and amazed me all week by the energy, self-motivation, and knowledge he has. I had no idea he was handy at all until after we were engaged! Growing up with a dad who is very handy made that an awesome perk--it wouldn't have been a dealbreaker by any means, but a perk definitely!

My mom and sisters and I spent the week sorting through things that had been in storage forever, doing other "to-do's" around the house, and getting Natalie and Melissa's room packed up, gone through, and ready to move. Their furniture is being moved over today, I believe. My mom and I also bought all the fabric for our little man's room! They're giving us a really nice crib that happens to be a few inches longer than a standard crib, so I figured why not just make the bedding myself!? Plus, I don't want anything too babyish that will need to be redone by the time he's 2-3 years old. So, now I can get started! The fabric is beautiful and my mom was wonderful to drive the two of us everywhere and scout out the best deals, along with who had enough yardage for us, etc.

I had a wonderful baby shower while I was there. It was so fun to see everyone that I haven't seen in so long!! Thank you to everyone who came and made it wonderful! Mitch is jealous of our little man because he has more clothes than Mitch now... :o)

When we got home we had a quick dinner out (since we left ourselves with NO food waiting at home!), went grocery shopping and ran other errands. As much as Rexburg still doesn't feel much like home, it was good to be back in our apartment, which DOES feel like home to us!

Grocery shopping was a bit awkward because we'll only be in town until Saturday morning, then it's off on a trip with Mitch's family to Lake Chelan in Oregon! Woo hoo!

So, until then, it's all about unpacking, washing, repacking, celebrating our first anniversary on FRIDAY, and driving to meet Mitch's parents! It's going to be a busy week!

(PS--my family wasn't much for pictures this weekend, considering we were working all week and not exactly looking our best! Sorry for lack of pictures!)


  1. It was so good to see you. Sorry I couldnt make your shower sounds like he got a lot of stuff. Wish we could have visited longer on Sunday. You look so cute with your little bump!!!

  2. My husband was jealous of all Ava's stuff too. In fact, I think he still is. Every time we go to his parents' house there's something new for Ava. :) After the baby shower he said the baby has more stuff than I do and she's not even born yet. She actually has more stuff than I do now too, I think. That's what happens when she grows out of clothes every couple months.

  3. Haha that's what I keep telling Mitch: that at least you get to wear your clothes longer than three months! PS--I love the name Ava, by the way! I don't know if i've ever told you that! It's adorable!!

  4. It was so great to see you and catch up for a few minutes! I know I've already told you, but I'll tell you're looking fabulous! Really, just so, so cute!

  5. So fun to see you and share in the joy of your baby boy! You will be all ready when he arrives so soon now!!!! Sounds like you had a great productive week helping with your family

  6. I remember how many storage totes your mom had! She showed me her organization system once when I was over visiting teaching (though I think I always learned more from her :) Good thinking on the nursery decor. We did a lovely moon and stars design for baby Ben which worked until he was 2 and then it was too baby and I did a Winnie the Pooh toddler room. Glad you had a good trip home


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