Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Sweet Man!

I just wanted to take a post to talk about my sweet husband! :o) I feel like I don't give him enough attention on this blog, and that it's all about my random (disorganized) thoughts and feelings.

Tonight we are preparing for tomorrow's special Sunday meeting (in our church, called a Sacrament Meeting) with Mitch's family. Mitch and I were asked to talk for 10-15 minutes on the topic of strengthening families. This was a perfect topic for me specifically, and I was excited as I thought all week to write down my thoughts and get a talk ready. My minor is Marriage and Family Studies, and, because we're currently expanding our family, the topic of strengthening families has been on my mind almost constantly.

As Mitch and I went to our room to talk about this subject, he told me that he had a great scriptural reference that would complement our talk well. He started telling me his thoughts and ideas on this subject, and I was shocked at how much thought he had put into it. Not that I expected him not to, I just didn't realize how much instantly came to mind for him, that he could relate to this topic and apply in our talk.

I realized then how grateful I am that he worked so hard as a missionary for our Church. He devoted two years of his life--every minute in those two years--to serving the Lord and spreading the Gospel. Because he worked so hard (it takes a lot of self-motivation to keep going for two years!) and gained so much knowledge of the scriptures and Gospel topics, he is able to serve our family very well. I am seeing the beginnings of this as we prepare to teach his own family.

I am so grateful that he served a faithful mission, when he had the choice not to, or to serve a lazy, selfish mission. He is showing a great example to our little baby already, and i'm sure he'll continue to show a fabulous example to our little family, and to those around him.

I love you, Mitch! The last year has been amazing, and i'm grateful every day that i'm lucky enough to be your wife! :o)


  1. aww! what a blessing. I'm so glad you found someone so wonderful. keep up the good work Mitch!

  2. Thank heavens for good hubbies :)


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