Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another belly pic, and school update...

Wow...I never realize how big i've gotten until I see a profile...looking down I don't look big at all! Here i'm GIGANTIC!!

See? This is what I see sitting down and standing up...no big deal.

Then I pass a mirror or a reflection in a window (I KNOW i'm not the only girl who pays attention to reflections...) and have to try my hardest not to let my jaw drop to the ground!

In the second picture, if you look closely, you can see sparkly pink toenails...Mitch paints them all the time, but gets to pick the color :o) So, I let him go to town :o) He's so good!

Our little Nathan has been a good boy to his mama so far, which we've all been grateful for. Despite 14 weeks of throwing up, everything has been smooth sailing! And the 14 weeks of puking is normal, or so i'm told! :o) Right now he's sitting at 34 weeks and 2 days, but he's measuring around 32 weeks. Apparently this is nothing to be concerned about since both our moms had small little babies. Good boy, Nathan! We don't mind a small baby! :o) Oh, and his other shining accomplishment of being head-down is grand, too!

Mitch and I have been working really hard in school. We've been trying to sluff (sp?) away old, bad habits of "skimming" material instead of actually reading it, doing the minimum amount of work, etc. We're getting really good grades so far and learning to manage our school and work schedules. Every once in awhile we'll slip, but we're nowhere near making a habit of it. We didn't design the most "fun" semester--we're both mostly knocking out Generals--but hopefully the grades will make the work worth it!

Look at me and my petite little post. Yup, time to get back to homework! :o)

Oh, by the way...I found the CUTEST little baby coat today at D.I. Baby Gap. $2. Yeah, it's living at our house now! We don't have many coats, just lots of warm outfits and blankets for our little arctic baby!


  1. oh my gosh you're so cute! and yes, I look at reflections too. pretty much anywhere. lol.

  2. your are so very awesome to keep working and going to school! you are a example to me :-)

  3. You are very big and very cute! I always did the same thing being shocked at my reflection. My baby was born in the winter too and we didn't really use coats or anything. We just always had a onesie and then an outfit over it and made sure he had socks on and a hat. Or we had the fuzzy thing that goes in a car and always a blanket. It wasn't too hard keeping him warm. If anything he was too warm!

  4. Ahhh, you've got the cutest belly ever!yay! for an adorable and cheap coat!

  5. Are you sure you are pregnant and that's not a little ball under there? Besides your littele tummy the rest of you doesn't look preggo. Can't wait to see pics of the little boy...Nathan was one of the names we had if Shannon was a boy.

  6. You are so adorable! Enjoy this LAST month of freedom! Congrats on making ANOTHER adult decision! New computers always make me so happy!

    and I love your cute new little office!

  7. PS GRANT money is the best! Married students expecting a baby are so deserving and are working hard at "becoming" adults!

    PS You need to add me to your blog list!!!!!!


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