Sunday, October 10, 2010


This is a weird month for us.

This month is the LAST month that Mitch and I will have no children...for the rest of our lives!! We're trying to be spontaneous in just about everything we do. Well, when we're not doing homework, that is.

We've been partying with the neighbors, starting movies at 11 pm "because we can," making unexpected, last-minute trips to Idaho Falls (half an hour each way), etc. I know, not the most exciting life, but we can only be spontaneous when we're not doing homework, remember? :o)

We've also been recalculating our budget. Every semester when a new batch of financial aid comes in we do this as a little "family counsel." If not, there's no way the money would last us. Especially now that we know that yes, BYU-Idaho can (and might again) give us our financial aid a month late. So, this week's project has been setting up a budget that not only plans for emergencies (yay, emergency fund!) but also will last a month longer than we anticipate needing it to. It's not very fun, but we are so grateful for the financial aid we've received, and I don't know how we'd get degrees without it!

My question for the three people (bless your hearts!) that read this is: What do you wish you had done before babies, that you can't do with kids!? We're (hopefully) taking a last-minute-before-the-baby-comes trip to Gillette to see Mitch's family so he can go hunting (yay, elk season on private land!!). We're also getting all the sleep we can, and enjoying sleeping in while we can! (I'm sooo not a morning person!!!)

Any advice would be welcome! :o)


  1. Sleep, like you said! :) If that's possible when you're 8 months pregnant. lol. Also, just have fun together and for you, just have some "me" time and enjoy some of your hobbies. I have a hard time finding any "me" time because I'm constantly doing things for Ava. Also, for you take nice long showers because I'm always hurrying to try and get that done before Ava wakes up. If you have some extra money, go out to dinner because I'm pretty sure you won't get a nice meal where you can both sit down and enjoy it together for a while. I'm always getting up with Ava or trying to eat while she's trying to grab my food, etc. Watch a movie together because with Ava it's hard for me to try and keep her entertained and watch or pay attention to a whole movie. Play games together because pretty soon the baby will be grabbing the game pieces. Hang out with friends because after the baby is born, the baby is your life and the baby's bed time might be 8:30 or 9:00 which isn't very conducive to having a social life with friends without children. Go shopping because it's so much easier doing it now then when you have to load the baby in the car with all their stuff. Mostly just have fun and do everything you love doing because it might be while before you can do everything again. :) I love having Ava though and it's so fun being with her!

  2. Alaina, I was not a morning person either and I slept so soundly at night that I was sooo afraid that I wouldnt hear the baby. But once you ahve that baby your maternal instincts kick in. It's not going to be as hard as you think it might be. As I sit here writing I am remembering what it was like to have that first baby. If your baby has his nights and days mixed up (dylan did, ugh!!) then it will be hard hopefully he wont have colic. I didnt have one of those (thank heavens). You actually can still be spontanus. Its when you have 2 when it gets tricky. You will do just fine. I already know how motherly you are.

  3. Well, I always read your blog Alania!! The one thing I totally miss about not having kids, is going to movies. We never go to movies anymore. We only rent them. I miss sitting in a theater and watching a new movie. So I say, go see as many movies now as you can!! That's the one thing I miss the most!! DATES!!!

  4. I wish that my husband and I took one last special date!

  5. Go to the movies, shop, get yourself all dressed up and cute just because. Finish up little projects or work on favorite hobbies...i really wish I would have got caught up on my scrapbook!

    Go OUT on dates.

    Spend special time with your husband & surprise him! I know trevor felt very lonely after emma was born.

  6. I agree w/Roxanne, you'll be surprised at how spontaneous you still can be w/one kid. Especially when they're really little and sleep wherever whenever.

    Things that are a little harder to do...

    Go to the temple.
    Go to the movies.
    Sleep in.
    Have that risque to say? some major *ahem* cuddling.
    Get your haircut.
    Spend lots of time focusing on your husband because for a while there, he'll most likely be 2nd priority.
    Eat super spicy/gassy foods.
    Revel in your solitude.
    And especially-Spend the night somewhere fun. Yes, I know it'll cost a bit of money and money is most definitely tight, but it'll be so darn worth it you won't believe it. It'll be a looong time before you can do that sans-baby, especially if you breastfeed.

    Random piece of advice-don't be afraid to breastfeed in public (even if you go into a bathroom or your car). It makes a world of difference in your ability to get out and about.

  7. I'm with Whitney - go to the temple! That's the hardest thing for me to do w/ a new baby (esp. w/ our now-4-hour-drive to get there!). And do pay special attention to Mitch - when Katie was born my life suddenly revolved 100% around that baby, and that kind of left Joseph out in the cold a bit. :)
    But I think you already know all of this - you sound like you are quite on track. :) Just enjoy it all as much as possible!

  8. Thanks for your comment on our blog! I actually just use a website that is it is free and REALLY easy to use. Hopefully for Christmas I will get my own photoshop program...but for quick fixes this website is great!

    Meagan also told me about a website called on it you can make photo books for free and only pay 2.99 for shipping. I just did a book of emma's first year and it is a faster cheaper way to keep the memories than scrapbooking or prining off toms of pictures and buying a photo book to put them in!

    Just some advice from a new mom to a soon to be new mom : )

  9. I think that there are more than 3 people who read your blog. Haha! I don't have kids yet, obviously, but all I can think of is sleep as much as you can. I love sleep!

  10. I'm glad you're being spontaneous! All I ever want to do is sleep! I do make Daniel take me to the movies OFTEN though. Haha.


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