Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Waiting (and waiting, and waiting) Game

Well, we're officially into the waiting portion of this pregnancy. The baby's just fattening up; he's all done developing, and all his organs are "ready for life outside." As happy as I am about that, I wish I could just get it over with. It's kind of depressing knowing he has to get fat(ter) before I can attempt to push him out...

We had a doctor's appointment today. It went well! I really like the midwives i'm seeing. They're very "calm, cool, and collected." I've seen doctors before that I swear are trying to scare you the whole time. Not these ladies. They are wonderful and encouraging, and SO easygoing! She checked me, and i'm at a one (woot...) and 70% effaced. Nothing really to brag about, but at least we're not total Stonewall Jackson down there! At least something's happening!

(I guess this is a little graphic if you're a guy...I don't think many guys read this, though. Oh well!)

The Primary Program was on Sunday; our 100+ primary children did beautifully, and sang much better than they had in any of the practices, which I was SO grateful for! AND, we only had ONE of our thirty-something three year-olds burst into tears. It was adorable and funny and kind of sad all at the same time...I guess having hundreds of people stare at you is intimidating when you're three!

We were also told that we have 18 new kiddos turning 3 and moving up to Primary from the Nursery in 2011, and only 3 turning 12 and moving up to youth group. Hmmm...the numbers aren't quite crunching...I have no idea where we're going to put them all!

My first block classes ended on Friday. Whew!! It doesn't help that they were my three easiest classes, and I still have all my hardest ones for the rest of the semester, but it gives me less to have to get done in a week, so it's all good! Now I'm only doing online classes, which is nice.

It also snowed for the first time two days ago, then again yesterday. We're not talking much snow here, but Mitch had to scrape our car this morning for our dr's appointment. It's kind of depressing seeing it all on the windshield! Especially because I don't have a coat that will zip anymore!! I better have this baby before it gets TOO cold!!

Mitch has hit the ground running with piano tuning. He was taught by the same man that tunes my family's pianos and has for years. This guy's amazing. He put himself through med school tuning and rebuilding pianos, and we're hoping Mitch can learn the same trade to help us through grad school. He's tuned several already, and the electronic tuner's almost paid for itself! There are tons of pianos here in Rexburg, and since he's new at it, he's also cheap! It amazes me how fast he picks things up :o)

My mom comes in ONE week! I'm so excited, but I hope we have a baby to show her soon after she gets here so I don't feel like i'm wasting her time, when she's SO needed at home! :o)

Well, that's about all that's happening around here!


  1. Alaina! I'm so glad you stalked me down and found me. I forgot what your blog was. I feel the same way about reading blogs catching up on life.. It's great :)Oh my goodness you almost have a little baby! Very exciting.

  2. I hated the waiting game. I thought for sure Ava was going to be late (all of my Mom's kids were late) and my Mom was going to be wasting her time and since they had estimated her to be 8 lbs I was sure if she was late I would have a C-section. That week was miserable, but she came 3 days early and luckily no c-section although it was a close call and I almost had one. It sounds like they need to split the ward if you have that many children in your primary. I'm glad the program went well.

  3. Laura--I almost wish they'd split our's huge! But they just split it a year and a half ago! I doubt another split's in the works!

  4. I am so excited for! Already a 1 and 70%. That is so exciting!! Gotta start off somewhere ;) He will be here before you know it and I am sure you and your mom will love every minute you guys get to spend together, even if he takes his time.

    We just found out that my doctor doesn't want me to go any farther than 39 weeks and so she scheduled a date for me to be induced a week early! Also, she said she wouldn't be surprised if he came before that! I still have so much to do!!! Stay in there little guy ;)

    Good luck and keep us updated!!

  5. Your baby is coming and I am sooooooooo excited for you! You are going to make a great mother and are going to have so much fun raising the little guy! I am keeping my eye on this blog to see pics

  6. Don't even worry, he'll be here so soon! Just enjoy these last few days (although I know that's so darn hard)!

    Oh, and that major cuddling I discussed in the anticipation comment...if things are ripe for the pickin', it can help speed things along ;)

  7. Oh so exciting! I'm so happy for you :) You're going to be an awesome mom. And don't worry about being too graphic - I'll be doing this in the next year or two and would be happy to learn from your knowledge, experience and advice!

  8. I think they're in the Red Bridge ward. Completely different stake and everything.


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