Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's finally spring!

We have been waiting, pretty much since Nathan was born, to play outside. And when you're born in Idaho in the beginning of November, that can be a pretty long wait.

But, when you finally get springtime to come and get to wiggle your baby toes in the grass for the first time, it can be really fun!
Or, you can hate it like Nathan did.
He didn't like it at all. I guess a lot of babies are like this, right?
We loved his little adidas shirt and sweatpants, though. It's a very "Mitch" outfit!
And then on Sunday he was wearing my favorite outfit, and it was pretty again, so we had to head back out! I'm sure our neighbors think we're "those people" that take billions of pictures of their one kid everyday...they should see my memory card!

This is as close to a smile as I can ever get:
We love the dark blue shoes in that last picture...$1 for leather Baby Gap shoes at our thrift store! Score!Now I need to learn how to edit pictures so I can make these look all fancy!


  1. Yeah Jasper didn't like the grass at first either but now he has got to the point that he wants to eat it. Crazy boy.

    I LOVE those outfits!! I wish I had as cute of clothes for Jasper. That Sunday outfit is adorable!

  2. The clothes are sooo adorable!! Yes most babies do NOT like grass. Its quite funny to watch if you ask me!!!

  3. OH how cute! :) Love his little sunday outfit :)

  4. Both my children didn't like grass at first, but now they love it. i love that little hat, so cute. charlie won't keep a hat on for anything.

  5. so cute! Emmma hated the grass too!


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