Friday, December 23, 2011

For those of you NOT on Facebook...


Haha, just hoping she jumps on the bandwagon soon!

For those of you not on Facebook, here are the pictures I will be putting up tonight.

We're having such a fun December so far, and we can't wait until Christmas!

The only downside is that my iPod got stolen out of our car. Yuck.

Other than that, we are enjoying family and trying to keep Nathan from the presents under the tree :o) If he wasn't such a little terrorist I'd attempt those cute bokeh Christmas tree pictures with the twinkling lights all out-of focus. But he'd be ruining ornaments or stepping on presents in the meantime...maybe on Christmas day when the presents are all unwrapped?

Anyway, here's a picture overload of the fun we've been having the last couple of days! 
I didn't have time to edit any of them, so ignore the cropping that needs to happen...

At our church Christmas party we got to visit Santa...I wanted a "screaming" picture SO bad! Luckily I got, like, 12 :o)

Then the other day there was great light by his high chair and he was in a really funny mood. So, more pictures!

hot dogs are so exciting! :o)

aww that tooth...

"Where's Nathan's toes?"

"Where's Nathan's head?"

Love this boy :o)

He's finally teething more, which has been horrible for us but productive for him. He has one front top tooth and two bottom teeth, and he recently cut his second top tooth. Love that little jack-o-lantern smile!

Ready for some more? Let's see how fast they upload...

He loves to play all over!

Love this face...whatever it is...

pots and pans! Woo hoo!


eating mandarin oranges in his awesome plaid pants :o)

Still there? Want a couple more. Okay, for grandparents' sake :o)
the next three or so are of eating mandarin oranges :o)

exploring with his trusty sidekick...a towel?

the magnetic fridge! Woo hoo!

aww magnets!

love my big walker and his poofy plaid pants!

love me some window light!

favorite :o)

clearly he carries his emotions on his...forehead!

He and "Papa" watched Baby Einstein and bonded :o)
aww :o)


  1. Love these pictures! He is so handsome!

  2. Awe wow I must have missed the memo of him walking already! That's so cool! Very cute pictures. Your home looks clean too! I thought it was hilarious when Grant balled when he saw Santa Claus. Poor kids. lol.

  3. These shots are great! I especially love the high chair ones! the light is gorgeous and his expressions are priceless :) also I was super jealous that you had a hard wood floor kitchen -- but is it your in-laws house?

  4. He's such a handsome little man! Those high chair pictures are beautiful. Love those chubby little fingers and toes :)

  5. Your camera takes such great pictures!! he's growing up so fast! Make sure you cut the hot dogs in half the other direction too, they are at the top of the list for choking hazards

  6. Stephanie--Thanks! That camera is my second baby :o) I'd cut them up that way too but he crumbles them up in his hand before he eats them...crazy boy does the chopping himself like a food processor! Maybe because he didn't have any teeth for so long? :o) He's also decided he doesn't like them anymore...maybe again next week? :o)

  7. Those plaid pants are awesome. It makes me want a little boy! Nathan has such beautiful eyes!


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