Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Baby Einstein Stare

Nathan is a funny boy. But I'm biased, I'll tell ya that right now.

He doesn't watch any tv at all except for Baby Einstein. He just has no interest in anything else. Every once in awhile when a catchy theme song or commercial music comes on he'll stop playing and dance, but that's it! However, you put on Baby Einstein, he's yours.
So, I decided to use this little trick to help Nathan stay sitting in one general area while I tried a photo shoot. I take pictures of everyone else's kids using my backdrop/light setup, why not my own?

Here are a couple favorites; okay, well, 18 favorites :o)

Now, part of the Baby Einstein Stare is that you don't is pulling out mom's camera. No smiles. Ever. I promise he smiles all the time in real life!

Our cool boy outfit :o)

A favorite of favorites :o)

His adorable rattle-controlled car...shake the rattle, the car moves!

I love this one, but he looks so short because of the puffy vest and his slouching!

He's always feeling those teeth!

We stopped for a snack break and he learned really quickly that mommy would give him nummies if he sat down first :o)

Good ol' classic favorite

Love that concentrating face!

The closest to a smile I got!

Enjoy more on Facebook shortly!

I know I never blogged about Christmas...for family record purposes, I probably should, although we didn't take pictures of our big presents this year!


  1. He is ONE of the CUTEST Nathan's I know!!

  2. Ava loves Baby Einstein too. It's only been within the last month that she's started paying attention to other shows.

  3. ah love these! Alaina you are just so talented. Can't wait til I can afford all your fun photography toys :)

  4. Cute pics! I wish I had the motivation or passion for photography. Oh well. In response to your comment on my blog, I didn't like how the orange chicken turned out. It was too orange juicy. I prefer my own family recipe of sweet n sour chicken. I suppose I could post my recipes. I do have some pretty good staple dinners that I usually just rotate through. But mostly I do get bored of the same old so I experiment.

  5. Cute kid! Blake does the same thing-stops smiling when I get the camera out. He also suddenly has very selective hearing and completely ignores me when I call his name if I'm holding the camera. Kids. psh.

    As far as a change, probably not gonna have a baby anytime soon. We're still enjoying our one and not planning on changing that for awhile. We are planning on getting a puppy though. Sometime in the Spring I think. We made a deal that I have to keep first, and we have to find a puppy too. Also, the coat B is wearing, it was a hand me down from some friends in our ward. The blue part of the hat is connected. The tan fuzzy part is from a different hat. So he's wearing two hats. And this is not Scott. It's most definitely K, but I'm being lazy.


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