Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Finally Wintertime!

We got our first REAL snowstorm since Nathan's birthday (November 2nd) here in Rexburg! What a strange winter it's been. Usually by now there are a couple feet of snow piled up everywhere that doesn't move until April! Now I hope we don't have winter snow on the 4th of July! This snow followed 2 straight days of rain, leaving a ton of ice everywhere. (Yep, I said RAIN in January! It was beyond weird!)

We were lucky enough to get out and play before the snow fell. Mitch's little brother, Ethan, has been enjoying the BYU-Idaho experience by doing one semester before he leaves to start a 2-year mission for our Church. We love having him here! Mitch and Ethan get along SO well, and have SUCH similar interests: they are even the same major and minor! They have pretty much rekindled every adventure of their childhood. One day, while chasing each other around the (outside of the) house with air soft guns (yup...), Nathan and I decided to go outside too, far from those little plastic pellets, and explore the backyard.

I guess something caught him by surprise! Here's that face up close :o)

Haha, goober!
My favorite, taken after I turned my ISO up, so the exposure is much cleaner :o)

I also was SO excited to get my new white vinyl backdrop in the mail this week! I tried it out on us first, then booked a photo shoot with an adorable family of two boys. You can see it here. It is AMAZING how little editing (mostly just cropping and editing out bumps/bruises) I have to do with this vinyl! No more wrinkled muslin backdrop! (WHY do they make backdrops out of muslin anyway!?) Here's some of the fun we had with it:
oh sneeze!

trying to escape as always!

laying down on the job :o)


I love to watch those fingers play!

I love this picture. Mitch SO doesn't know it's on here; I just love how he looks at Nathan!

daddy is a great smile-inducer!

I love you, big blue eyes!

About six months ago I bought a Nikon remote for my camera...I've never used it! So, I finally pulled it out and we had some fun. It was fun to be in some pictures, for a change!

He's my tear-down expert and always wants to help as we tear everything down!

Mitch REALLY doesn't know this one's on here...he hates pictures of himself, but again, this is him watching Nathan play while I got my remote set up. Love this man! What a fantastic husband and father you are!!

Whoo, glad I got all those uploaded and posted! 
BTW, last week I found Great Value brand Mio's at Walmart. YESS! We love the "drink enhancer" but it's a bit pricy for what it is. The GV brand makes it easier to have every once in awhile!


  1. so fun! gah I need to get all these fun photography toys :) Love the pictures of mitch with nathan! daddy-kid pictures are the best!

  2. oh - I also love the new look for your blog!

  3. Love all the fun pics! yay! for a new backdrop, I'm sure you're just lovin' it!

  4. love the pictures. If i ever come to rexburg i'll have you tak some pictures!!

    we had your weather in reverse.we got 2 days of pouring rain, it froze and then we got the snow! blehhh

  5. Love it! He is such a stinking cutie! :)


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