Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

This Valentine's Day we decided to adopt a dog instead of buying each other gifts. 

Many of you wanted to know what our 7 names were that we ended up drawing out of a hat:

 Apollo was the one we ended up drawing, and it's starting to fit him!
(Ignore the table that needs refinishing SO badly!)

We are still loving our little Apollo, by the way! No new pictures, yet! Have you tried to take a picture of a young dog and a toddler!? Yeah, pretty impossible. My shutter speed was up to 1/1200 of a second and they were STILL blurry. Ugh!

Anyway, this morning Mitch texted me and asked if we'd gotten a package today. We're expecting a couple new parts for our floor steamer, so I went out and checked. Turns out there was a single rose, a card, and a box of chocolates on the porch waiting for me!

We really had decided not to do anything. I was so surprised! 

To appreciate the gesture, you need to know a bit about Mitch. He is a terrific guy, always putting my and Nathan's needs before his own. He is a great provider, despite being such a busy guy in school. He still finds time to work two jobs! 

Anyway, Mitch doesn't buy into the whole romantic bit, and I never really have either. Except for lately, when I've been hinting that I'd like us to be a bit romantic. We always made fun of romantic people! And I didn't even HINT about Valentine's Day! Mitch really came through :o)

Everyone always says our "poor college years" will be the most memorable and fun, and so far it's been true. Because we'd already spent our Valentine's budget on the adoption fee and supplies for Apollo, we didn't have much left. I don't know where he found wiggle room in our budget, but the card, single rose and Ghiradelli chocolates mean much more than whatever he spent on them! :o)

Now if only I could repay him with a nice dinner or something tonight...too bad we're spending Valentine's night at the Blue and Gold Banquet/Pack Night for the Boy Scouts I work with!

(I may actually end up going by myself; Nathan still has a yucky cold, and I'm all about just keeping kiddos home!)


  1. Way to go Mitch! Joe and I have always tried to gt away with IGNORING the Valentine's Day hoopla, but this year's lunch date was a surprise for me, too. :) It really is the little things that make me SWOON. LOL
    Love you girl!
    PS~I didn't EVEN notice your table finish, UNTIL you told me to ignore it! LOL If you think that's bad, I wonder what you'd think about MINE! :)

    1. Haha yay for swooning over husband surprises! :o) And I don't think my table looks awful, just not the best backdrop for a picture. But, what was I gonna do? It was nighttime and Mitch was teasing me for taking a picture of the slips of paper before we drew them out :o)

  2. We'll be here for another year and a half and I'd love to see you this summer! Can't wait!

  3. Ahhh, what a sweet hubby you have!

    Love the name choices!

  4. This makes me smile.
    He's so sweet!


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