Saturday, March 13, 2010

Good week :o)

Such a generic title...oh well :o)

This week was a good one! Our baby now has a head and "eye spots"...haha funny! But, we grew a head this week! So we're making progress :o)

We also had financial yuckness taken off our shoulders--we qualified for both Medicaid AND WIC! (Well, at least me and the orange seed did!)

Mitch is working his tail off in his classes--he loaded on the hard ones this semester! Poor guy! But I think he can do it :o) He's also got a cold so i'm (nicely) shunning him!

I'm teaching the Primary kidlets the song for March, Follow the Prophet. It's great because they already know it, but we need some review. I did just find an adorable verse for President Monson: I'm going to teach it tomorrow!

President Monson is our prophet, Friend to all is he
Shares faith-building stories of how we all should be.
Gladly serving others throughout all his days
He's a true example of the Savior's ways.


  1. What a relief to qualify! phew! I'm so glad that's lifted off your shoulders. yay! for having a growing baby. I just realized that we got married in august (the 7th), like y'all and got pregnant about the same time y'all did (only 5 years apart, obviously). So, I guess you could say I can kind of relate :)

  2. Congrats on the new little munchie. I hope you are feeling well. We have done medicaid and WIC before. It is such a blessing.


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