Thursday, March 25, 2010

Testing my patience...again...

So it's not a secret that Rexburg, ID (yeah, if you don't live here, don't try looking it's probably not on a map!) is not my favorite place in the world to live. Nope! One conversation with me will give that little fact away!

WELL, when I didn't think I could dislike this place any more than I do now...

this happened. This was kind of the last straw for me. Man i'm a downer!

Anyway, the city of Rexburg has this new rule that you have to have a parking permit to park on streets adjacent to campus. This is the first semester i've been here that this rule has been in effect. The permits are $35 for one year. Not bad.

We keep going by city hall trying to get a pass, but they sell out the day they get them. I don't know the reason for the restrictions on the numbers but it's looking ridiculous. Now they tell us that they're going to be out until spring semester, which starts April 20th.

The killer is that they can KEEP giving us parking tickets and we can't do anything about them. They're only $15/ticket, but 5 adds up. Like i've said, we've tried the whole time we've lived here to get one and we haven't seen any "in stock" yet.

I feel like something about this rule needs to be changed. We're like number 1293487509 on a "waiting list" to get one next semester, and then they'll send out emails and it's first come, first serve.

However, there's a kicker with that, too. Classes end for Winter semester on April 10th and start for Spring on April 20th. We'll be out of town most of that time, visiting Mitch's family. We can't have our lovely neighbors pick it up for us because they need our driver's licenses, which we don't want to travel without!

I feel like we're in a catch-22 here! My patience is gone and I'm afraid my hormonal self is going to lash out at someone in their tiny city hall to kick some butt when I get my next ticket!



  1. I'm sorry you're so frustrated...reading this reminds me of my time in that town as a missionary--without a car!!! :D Yep, I walked all over campus and the surrounding family stake, I want to say it was East stake? It included where the temple is, if that helps. Anyways, those hills are killer! Especially in 4ft of snow and a skirt. ;) count your blessings....and enjoy your vacation!

  2. Yikes. And that, my dear, is one of the many reasons I will never, ever live in Rexburg. A huge reason being cold... hehe.

    I can't believe you're prego! That's amazing. So you left a comment the other day on my blog that made me curious. Was your pregnancy and oops, planned or unexpected? Your comment left me unable to figure it out. Either way, congrats! I'm excited for you :-)

  3. Eeek! That's really, truly horrible and absolutely no fair at all! Man, I'm so irked for you. I'd definitely plan on giving them a piece of my mind next ticket if I were you.

  4. if you just need a place to park while going to classes the parking lot closest to the temple (the one with that huge "FERGUSON" truck and contruction trucks) is a "commuter lot"... don't need a permit. free parking.
    unless they changed it since last semester.

  5. Ugh!! That is a very stinky situation - I hope you can find a better place to park! Sounds pretty expensive so far!

  6. Kick some butt tiny little prego woman! lol.

  7. Why don't you just get a campus permit and park on campus? There's usually always a spot at the Hinckley building or you can park in the commuter lot (the one with all the equipment by the Ricks building) for free. We always park at the Hinckley.

  8. Mitch and I have a campus permit, but we're both at the other side of campus. This summer when the weather's nicer we're going to do that: just park up by the Hinckley or Rick's. Usually we can find a spot by the Benson, Mitch's main building, but there is never a spot by the Clarke, my building.


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