Friday, March 5, 2010

In the midst of miracles

That's what we've learned. Unexpected challenges tend to yield miracles when they're most needed.


Here's how things went for us this week:

Sunday: Mitch sees his midterm grades and pretty much goes into all-stress mode...this guy was a stressed-out drone...he piled on the hard classes and difficult teachers and we're studying and praying our hearts out!

Monday: Very next day...we're pregnant. NOT the timing WE had in mind...but we've already discussed that :o)

Tuesday: Go to pick out prenatal vitamins...Mitch helps as much as he can, but the choice is up to me and the pharmacist. Mitch played with the blood pressure machine and it diagnoses him with hypertension :o) I just thought that was funny!

Skip to Thursday: US Bank loses our deposit (the one to cover rent AND what I owed on was a big one!) and slams us with 6 overage charges for $37.50 each. After screaming at supervisor after manager we find out they will erase all but $57.00 of charges, so we quickly deposited it. The account balance is still negative and won't be taken care of until Monday. We hope. After the remainder of the charges have been paid BY THE BANK we are closing our accounts and switching to a local credit union. Forget US Bank. This isn't the first time they've lost a deposit of mine.

Thursday afternoon: as i'm at the ATM making an early evening deposit (so it's there before they opened Friday, as the branch manager/supervisor asked of us), realizing that I forgot my Visa so I can't do a THING at the ATM (and feeling frustrated that I have to drive all the way home and back), our amazing friends, Jake and Amy, who happen to be the managers of our apartments, call and offer Mitch a job paying $10-15 per hour to do maintenance work around the complex. He said he wanted Mitch because he is working on a property of Jake's in Idaho Falls. We felt like it was an answer to prayer! Here I was, struggling to make a deposit that I couldn't afford to get rid of charges that we REALLY couldn't afford, and Jake and Amy sweep in to save the day!!

That has been it so far. Small miracles we've discovered have been all the advice from you all! Thank you so much! We're moving forward with ways to save money and be total misers for the next 7 years while we're in school!!

Love you all! I'm really excited about this pregnancy. I do get really nervous because there's no real "proof" that i'm pregnant, besides 2 home tests and a definitive test, and I can't really tell that I am yet. However, the constant cravings for ANYTHING food (my stomach is never full!) and the constant trips to the bathroom have been comforting if anything. They remind me that yes, i'm still pregnant, and no, our 4 1/2 week little embryo hasn't "disappeared." Of course, if something were to not happen correctly with this baby I guess i'm just preparing myself for it!


  1. Wow! Alaina..this post could very well have just been written by me (except for the pregnancy part!) This week also yielded financial miracles for us (after a weekend of ugly stress over it!) Will I ever learn to stop my doubting and to quit panicking? It's humbling, for sure. What a blessing and comfort to have a chance to notice the watchful supervision of our loving, attentive Heavenly Father, and re-affirm our faith and trust in Him...especially during uncertain times.

  2. Senioritis isn't as bad in college, at least for me. I was soooo over being in high school for some reason, and now it just feels like a blessing to be able to work on my last few assignments, knowing that I'll be done soon.
    I'm so glad you're coming to visit in August! We will be living in OP then most likely so we will definitely see you.

  3. oh, phew! I'm so glad things seem to be working out ok. Thank heavens for small miracles and HUGE blessings.

  4. Congrats again on your bundle of joy soon to be. Let me tell you from experience of not having insurance. You will definalty be blessed unexpectedley. I know I have. Those blessings have come at the best time. It is so wonderful to be a member of this church. I am sure you will be fine and all will work out for your new little family. I love you dearly and will pray for you!!


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