Thursday, February 3, 2011

3 months old...already!?

You don't look a day past 2 months, my dear! :o)
I can't believe our little Nathan man is already 3 months old, as of yesterday, Feb. 2nd.

I still go through the day he was born in my head when I go to sleep, as if it were yesterday!
I assume this is a mom thing, and that i'm not the only one who does this!

Our little love has learned how to do so much in his short little life, and we've seen huge changes over the last month!

Here's 10 fun facts about our Nathan:

1. He is still the noisiest baby I know. He's a noisy eater (who makes little piggy eating noises, which still kind of weird me out!), noisy sleeper, player, breather, talker etc. The ear, nose, and throat doctor we took him to with that sleep apnea scare said he'll probably talk in his sleep. He has his overly-chatty mama to thank for all his talking, i'm sure!

2. He loves his hands. He's not quite reaching out to grab things yet, but if something's in his reach (fabric, jewelry, hair) he grabs right onto it. He still does this less than most babies, though, because his hands are always moving when he talks.

3. He is the best cuddler. He has always loved to cuddle, and I hope this doesn't end as he gets older. Although, as he becomes more mobile and can do more, i'm sure it will wane a little. The poor little guy has thrush right now, and the discomfort makes him especially cuddly. Not that he needs an excuse!
4. He is SO curious about everything. He always wants to see what's around him and is learning the little details of his home. We still haven't had him in the same place for more than 4 consecutive weeks (so much travel!), so I hope he knows this is home!

5. He sleeps like a champ at night, and finally likes his crib! He'll usually sleep for 5-7 hours straight, meaning MOM gets REM sleep! :o) However, he makes us earn it and sleeps like a teenager! He usually won't take a break from all his alertness and curiosity until about 1:30 am. Then he'll sleep until 6 or 8 am, wake up to be fed, and wants to sleep again until 10 or 11! So, i'm trying to keep him up after he wakes up between 6 and 8. Not cool for his non-morning-person mother, but it's better than partying all night, which I can NOT do anymore!

6. The poor boy is the worst napper. He sleeps for 20-40 minutes. Usually, in the afternoon, we take a nap together in our bed. I know, it's frowned upon & whatever, but it's not like he sleeps with us any other time. If he's cuddled up to someone he'll sleep for a good 1 1/2-2 hours, so this is the only time I get a nap!

7. Nathan is very social. He loves to smile at people and mimic their expressions. However, he still always looks overly concerned about something! He doesn't like to be left alone in a room when he knows we're doing something in another one, especially if he can hear us. About a week or two ago he had an explosion of noises and has been jabbering nonstop ever since! If we're talking he can hear the tv "talking", he's talking right along with us. I'll put up a great video I got when I find the cord to our camcorder!

8. We can't quite leave him alone on the couch anymore. If he's left sitting up he'll either rock forward too much and faceplant, or fall to either side. (So we have to be careful not to leave a blanket or jacket on the couch where he can bury his face in it) He tries to sit up on his own all the time and not lean on whoever he's sitting with. Although, if he's tired enough, he'll fall asleep sitting up: in his bumbo seat, on the couch, wherever. This is a picture I just snapped this morning of him on the couch: I left for 2 minutes to brush my teeth, only to find him fallen over and dead to the world! (Don't worry, he got moved to a more comfy position!)

9. He loves his daddy! He's always looking up and smiling at Mitch, making noises to try and get his attention. I think it's because i'm with him all day, but daddy goes to school and work, so being around him is a bit more of a novelty. I love watching Mitch with Nathan: they are so cute! I'm so glad he has a son to have fun with and "teach him how to be a man!", as he puts it.

10. Nathan is starting to outgrow his colic. I think it's due to a mix between a wonderful chiropractic adjustment he had that left him much happier (one of his hips was completely out of place and another was off quite a bit, too!), and just getting older. Man, has he taught us patience! I'm hoping he's our only colicky baby, but I'm sure we won't get that lucky!

We love you, little Nathan! We can't believe you've been with us for three months, and we can't wait to see what else you have in store for us!


  1. Ava wouldn't go to bed until 1:00 as well then wake up and eat and sleep until 11:00 too. Her naps were only about a half an hour each. At about 3 1/2 months or so she gradually adjusted and started to go to bed at 11:00, then 10:30, then 10:00, etc. until she now goes to bed at 8:30. Now she usually takes 2 naps a day for about 1-2 hours each. Eventually they'll get a schedule down. Good luck with the keeping them up thing. Everyone said to do that with Ava, but it's so hard when you're exhausted yourself and they're tired and cranky. When Ava's tired and fussy she goes to sleep I just don't want to deal with her, so the whole keeping her up thing didn't work for us.

  2. your little nathan sounds a lot like my little charlie. noisy, won't sleep for long unless cuddled with, he doesn't sleep that long at night however which i am jealous of i must say (max of 4 hours if i am lucky). Charlie doesn't like to left out either, if he is left alone in a room he will start complaining until someone comes in there with him. He also isso squirmy. it is a lot of fun, but he gets hard to hold, which leads to my second jealousy that he is not a cuddler. I often find myself cuddling with him after he is already asleep. Any way, glad to hear you are having fun with your little bundle of joy!


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