Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentine's Day...only a week and a half late!

So Mitch and I had plans with his sister and her hubby on Valentine's Day night, so we ended up celebrating on Sunday.

I talked about being kind of nervous/indecisive about a nice Val day meal, but it ended up working out just perfectly! Mitch was a great help and Nathan slept from the time we got home from Church until we finished eating, so I got to enjoy a (still) hot meal with two hands! :o)

These were some of my only Valentine's Day decorations...I just can't justify buying a lot of decorations for holidays when we're still in school! One day I'll have a whole bunch :o)

(My sign says "true love leads to housework"...if you think about it, it's totally true!)
I made his mom's famous "caramel-bottom rolls" which are amazing. Lion House Dinner Roll recipe + rolling the dough out flat + brushing with melted butter + cutting into strips and rolling + baking in a muffin tin with brown sugar & butter in the bottom = pure amazing!!

This is what they look like before you bake them:
I didn't get an after picture b/c our oven cooks really hot, so after five minutes they were browning on top but doughy in the they were a little dark up top but still delicious!

We got to pull out our china for this meal, which I was really excited about! We spend pretty much every holiday with Mitch's family since they're only a day's drive away, so we never get to use our china. It was great! :o)
Then I bought 2 glass goblets at the dollar store so we wouldn't have to use our regular cups.
It was inexpensive and they served their purpose: holding Martinelli's, a Mormon's favorite "wine"! :o)
We enjoyed salad first and then a crock pot turkey with vegetables and mashed potatoes/gravy. I know, nothing fancy, but it was still a good meal!
I love pulling out our gravy boat and platter. We were able to pay for the china and the platter completely with wedding gift cards and the gravy boat was a wedding gift. I felt so grown up using fancy dishes that were ours! We almost didn't buy china when we got married, but i'm so glad we did. Especially because it was nothing out of pocket for us!
It was a great dinner.
Afterward we had Valentine's day cupcakes that I'd made the day before. Mitch frosted them while I finished the rolls on Saturday night. I love his frosting job :o)
We weren't going to do much in terms of gifts for this holiday, but Mitch happened to have a gun part that he'd returned to Cabela's about a month before and they gave us store credit for it instead of cash. :o( The good thing was that we each picked something from the site to get. The store credit expired in 30 days! I got a North Face and Mitch got a "thigh platform" for his holster...whatever that is :o) It was great, and definitely worked out conveniently!

Sunday, Feb. 13th also happened to be 18 months since we were married. It's nothing we'd usually celebrate, but we thought it was a fun coincidence!


  1. so cute! love it! I love our china - we use it every sunday :) haha Maybe thats a little over kill, but hey, it works. I want that recipe for those rolls sometime!

  2. I love your sign. It is in fact so true.


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