Monday, February 14, 2011


I haven't counted my blessings in too long...

I am grateful for my Mitch for many reasons. Today's is that he was willing to step in as a substitute for one of the three year-old classes at church. Mind you, I work with kiddos for 2 hours of the 3 hour-long service, so Mitch had Nathan as well.

I am grateful for friends who keep in touch, even though I'm just at home all day and don't get out much. I really appreciate the invites and suggestions to get together, even if it can't happen right away.

I am grateful for two sets of wonderful parents, Mitch's and mine, who understand that, even though we're not perfect, we're doing our absolute best with their first grandbaby.

I am grateful for our apartment. As small as it seems sometimes, it has been a great first home for us. Nathan has his own room where he can stare at colors all day. We happened to get nice things passed on to us by family members and friends, or gifted to us, and we feel extremely blessed. We couldn't have made it happen ourselves after paying for a wedding.

I am grateful for the 18 months (to the day! We were married August 13, 2009!) I've gotten to spend with my man. It seems like we got married, oh, about a month ago!

I am grateful for the Internet. It keeps me sane when the only person I'm home with is 3 1/2 months old and is entertained by the singing toys all around him.

I am grateful for our Church. It has been so uplifting to know that we have a church family to turn to, and a foundation to build our lives on. Our children will grow up with a strong religious background, knowing who they are and why they're here, and I love that.

I am grateful for a partner to pass off a fussy baby to :o)

I am grateful for a sister in college, living (close to) the same way we are, paying bills and going to school. We can text when we're feeling discouraged, especially when it's about the same thing. It really helped me out the other night!

I am grateful for "me time" and the people around me that let me have a little bit of it. A shower, a nap, a scrapbooking session, it's all awesome!

I am grateful for this little face that smiles and talks with me all day:
Even when he looks like this...

I am grateful for a lot...probably several things that will come to mind as soon as I turn off the computer. Oh well, it's sleep time...


  1. thanks for sharing, alaina! i need a reminder of that as well as i sit here typing with 1 hand while holding a baby that doesnt feel so well. i should remeber all the blessings heavenly father has given my family.

  2. Oh you are so blessed! Isn't life great?! I do have to say that in those last two pictures Nathan looks more like Mitch than you.

  3. SUCH A GREAT POST, GIRLIE! I have been feeling very much the same lately, with so much crap and discouragement swirling about, focusing in Gratitude has been vital! Read the awesome chapter in Pres Hinckley's book, "Standing for Something"...perfect. Luv you, sweet sweet friend.

  4. Thanks for the reminder, Miss :)


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