Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to Get CHEEEAP Diapers!

Thanks to my friend Sarah, I now get diapers for about 12 cents apiece. That's right. Cheaper than Parent's Choice. (I'm not sure about Costco or Sam's Club...we don't have memberships...)

The best part? They're delivered to my door with FREE TWO-DAY shipping! And it's never cost me a dime! How awesome! :o)

Before you waste your time reading further, this only works if you have a ".edu" email least it's only free if you have a university/school email address. You don't currently need to be a student, it works with any .edu address.

1) Go to
2) Join Amazon Prime. This gives you free 2-day shipping on tons of items. I only do diapers right now, but they have tons of household things. In a small town with only one tiny Wal-Mart to shop from, this is greatly appreciated!

Amazon Prime is $75/year. It's also free for students. When you search "Amazon Prime" on the homepage and click on the "Amazon Prime" ad, you should see a link on the right offering a one-month free trial. There's also a smaller link that says "Amazon Student." Then you click on "Join Amazon Student." You enter your school, major, and email address. They send you a link and you respond to it to show that the email address is real/functional.

3) Join Amazon Moms. You can do this from the same page where you joined Amazon Student, right under the student link. (It says "Amazon Moms"...duh...)

4) Add whatever diapers you want to your cart. It'll say that you can save even more by adding Subscribe and Save. It signs you up to automatically receive that same product every month. However, you can cancel it or modify what product you want anytime. And, if you run out before one month, give them two days and they'll show up on your doorstep! Also, it doesn't bill your credit card until it ships them to you. Little ones don't stay in the same size month after month, obviously, so the choice to change products is awesome! No penalties and no minimum for free two-day shipping!

You can also change the address you want them shipped, we'll be in Wyoming in April, and if we need diapers, we can change the shipping address for just that order to have them sent to where we'll be staying.

I just got 100 size 2 Huggies diapers for $12.00...that's 12 cents apiece!

Oh, ALSO, if you have a manufacturer's coupon it even has a spot to put it in. We get $2.50 off Huggies coupons a lot which we love to use! (Yay, elastic in the waistband of our beloved Huggies! WAY less blowouts!)

It takes a couple minutes of maintenance whenever you need more diapers (aka, the same amount of time we spend reading diaper packages/figuring price-per-diaper in the baby aisle at the store!) I love that it saves me a trip to Wal-Mart, especially when we realize we're out of diapers late at night. I just order them in big, bulk boxes.

I haven't bought diapers in a store in probably two months! Thanks, Sarah! :o)

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  1. I'm glad you've discovered Amazon Mom too! Seriously, best thing ever. I order diapers, wipes, breast milk storage bags and a bunch of random other things! We've been on the Prime student membership for about a year and we are addicts. Seriously, this is how we do Christmas/birthday/lots of shopping. And I love it!


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