Friday, March 11, 2011

NO diaper can contain me!!


Nathan is going through a naughty phase.

Well, not technically, intentionally naughty, per se, but most of his clothes are stained.

And i've washed and pretreated them all at least 10 times each.

At first I used Resolve, which worked pretty well. We've gone through 2 bottles since Nathan was born. Then I used Shout when we visited my parents and I was impressed with it. We're almost done with that bottle. But lately, it hasn't worked very well.

I don't know if something in my milk is making that awful, runny orange mess harder to clean, but I'm sick of it!

Mitch is cleaning up a blowout as we speak.
We're averaging 2-3 a day.

He has about 15 diapers left in Huggies' "1-2" size. Then we're movin' on up to size 2.

The purpose of this post is that I need HELP! I'm so sick of him ruining clothes and not being able to get it clean! I even threw away a cute onesie today. It was only $3 and I know I can find it right now at Walmart (it was this cute number with little stars):It was, however, one of my favorites and one of the few things I bought new for him. That's what's frustrating. Does he poop all over the not-so-cute-but-acceptable garage sale finds that I got for 25 cents? Nope. Just my favorites.

What do you guys use to get that awful "digested breastmilk orange" color out of baby clothes? I've bleached so many white onesies so many times I'm expecting them to fall apart. Plus I've gone through an entire container of bleach since he was born. The cost of doing laundry has really changed in the last four months!

In fact, we bought him a new five-pack of onesies in the size he's in now and that week he managed to stain every. single. one! I think a bigger diaper size might help, just because the waistline will be a little higher. And we're loving Huggies (and betraying Luvs) right now for their elastic across the top back.

Is there something about being 4 1/2 months old that changes something about the diaper mess, making it harder to get out of clothes? I would love a chemistry lesson right now. And I may not ever say that again!


  1. I would say to move up a size. I've had to do the same thing with some of my kids. Huggies are definitely wonderful with their elastic backs, too! I've also layered a cloth diaper or a washcloth up their backs betwn the diaper & the shirt when they seem to be having more trouble than usual or I really like the outfit! Welcome to the joys of Mommyhood! :D

  2. If you are looking for a strong cleaner I have been using this stuff called Purple Power. It has been able to get Carson's blow outs stay out after I have already washed and dried them. If your interested let me know and I can tell you where to find it. It is my new best friend.

  3. I probably don't have much to say that would help. I know diaper size does make a difference. We use Kirkland diapers (costco). Also when he has a blow out I wash out the poo in the sink with cold water first(feels gross, I know), and then I rub a bunch of Spray n Wash stick on it before throwing it in the laundry. It's come mostly out of everything so far, unless I miss a spot with the wash stick or don't pre-treat it. Good luck!

  4. I started using cloth diapers when Ava was 5 months and they work great. I've only had one poop leak and that was when Ava jumped in her jumperoo while pooping. You can get a diaper sprayer (like a hand held shower thing that will hook to your toilet's water line) to spray them off. You do enough laundry that washing diapers wouldn't be any more especially if it made up for no poopy onesies. I'd rather have stained diapers than stained clothes. Before using cloth I would wash out the onesie with cold water and then spray shout on and scrub a little bit with a hard bristed brush. It worked well for us, but I haven't had as many problems as you've had. If they're is a stain after they've been washed I've heard that putting them out in the sun to dry will bleach the stains out of them. Also going up a size usually helps as everyone else said. If you happen to be interested in the cloth diapers write me on facebook, if not I totally understand.

  5. Ugh, the dreaded yellow breastfeeding poop! I kmnow that Brigetta swears Lever 2000 (yes, the body soap) gets anything out. My sister swears by Sunlight bars (found in the laundry aisle and super cheap). I just throw a lot of clothes away. :-D Moving up to a size 3 instead of size 2 might be a good idea - I don't know if there's much size diff between Huggies' size 1/2 and other brands' size 2.

    Nathan's room is soooo cute! I love all the meaningful things you've put in there. You're a great mom!

  6. Not that you need it (supermom!), but here's my (penny-pinching)stain-fighting tip: I always buy the dish soap that has OXY Clean in it. I put the soap on the stain, scrub it in and let it sit, overnight is best. Then, wash it, and REPEAT as necessary. It is my best method for getting especially grass-stains out of the kid's jeans. Other than that, I have to admit, I'm with Becky...many things just have gotten tossed.

  7. I'm a big oxy-clean spray and powder fan (use the powder as a soak). It's slightly pricier (buy it in the big bottle and just re-fill the smaller ones), but it really, truly does work the best out of everything I've tried. Having three kids who still stain everything they wear, practically, I go through a spray bottle every two-three weeks.

    As for the diapers, I second the suggestion of moving up a size. Also, don't be afraid to try different diaper brands. I've found that my two older kids always soaked through the cheaper brands (sigh) and my two older would leak out of the legs and back of huggies, but pampers worked great. Scarlett did a lot better w/huggies then the other two, though.

    Hope that helps a bit!


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