Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Brighter Side of Things and Reading is FUN!!

The Brighter Side of Things

I feel like i've been sitting in a pile of self-pity. Nathan is somewhat of a challenge, but people everywhere have much bigger challenges with their infants that they have to try and figure out and overcome. Things that involve a lifetime of medications or physical/muscular therapy other invasive procedures. We don't have to deal with that. Nathan is pretty healthy, and we are so grateful for that!

Having said that, Nathan is so much fun! He seems like he will be the kid that loves attention. Our little neighbor boy is 6 months older than him and has been shy for quite awhile...he cried when everyone sang happy birthday and wanted him to eat his cake...that won't be Nathan!

Our boy loves attention. He will do anything to get it, and he will whine like crazy if he isn't getting enough. This makes committing myself to 2-3 hours of online homework a day pretty tricky, especially if Mitch is in class or at the library and can't toss some toys his way!

Nathan is getting very good at sitting on his own, rolling all over, pivoting on his stomach, pulling himself up onto locked arms, etc. He hasn't lifted himself onto his knees yet, but our entertainment center (and rest of the house) isn't anywhere NEAR baby proofed, so I'm not in a rush for him to crawl!

He is getting super cuddly. I don't know why; this especially happens when he's being a "computer baby" and sitting on my lap while I type. Earlier today he had both his arms wrapped around my arm giving me "kisses". I love it! When he gets tired he lays his head right on the table. It is hilarious!

Nathan doesn't like to smile at the camera very much; this big black camera is kind of intrusive, I think, and blocks just about my whole face. I'm getting good at just zooming out and snapping without looking, so I can smile at him and crop or straighten the picture later.

Reading is FUN!

Nathan loves, loves books! We read all the time, and he even knows how to turn pages by himself now! I love that he's sitting up well enough on his own to sit and "enjoy" (taste) a book on his own!

Because he loves books so much, we now have a book basket not only in his room, but in the living room too!

They are both full of flexible or board books, or the occasional photo album/"look book." He loves them all, but especially the ones that taste the best!

His favorite book to read before bed is Dr. Seuss's Put Me in the Zoo or the classic Goodnight Moon. Hungry Caterpillar is too long, and he doesn't like The Pigeon Has Feelings, Too! nearly as much as I like to read it to him (Mo Willems is my favorite!)

I love that he loves books now, just because it's a pile of colorful toys to play with. I hope I can keep the love of reading going.

I'm really picky about what I read and I tend to be overly-critical of books. Hopefully I can read enough in front of my kiddos to make them feel like it's an important thing to do every day!

We love you, Nathan! Sorry if we think you're a pill sometimes, but believe us when we say we love you more and more everyday!

PS--we're SUPER proud of you for sleeping from 10:30-6:00, then from 6:15-10:00! Let's repeat that tonight! (So far, so good!)

Disclaimer: remember how our little doll refused to sleep before about 1:30 am in the beginning? By moving his schedule slowly (and subtly), we've gotten him to a 10:15-10:30 bedtime. When I'm not in school at night we'll put him down earlier, I just hate missing bedtime!

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  1. Awesome pics! he is adorable. I have that same wicker basket (2 of them actually) I love them. That is neat that he likes books so much, I have one that is well loved, to say the least, that has different textures on each page, if you don't already have one he might like one of those too. When are you coming into town next, I want to see you and your little man.


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