Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Schedule Update and Progress

Well, it's been over a week since we started our new schedule.

And I don't think Nathan has ever slept less at night, poor kid.

Not to mention MOM has never been this sleep-deprived! Turns out I still hate mornings. And on top of that, a baby that wakes up every 2-3 hours, simply inconsolable, doesn't help!

We are loving the together time we get in the morning before Nathan wakes up. We miss the sleep we get, but this is making us go to bed at a decent time instead of doing who-knows-what until 1:30 am.

I love the time to get homework done for my Old Testament class. The independent study time in the morning really comes in handy (I love going to a church school so I can study religion every semester!)

A couple things have gotten in our way this week, but we're mostly doing just fine.

Also, my calves are feeling the burn! Maybe one day if I'm lucky I'll have Michelle Obama muscles :o)

As for Nathan, he's just not getting how to sleep. He's sleeping less now than when he was a newborn. After almost 7 months of barely ever getting REM sleep, we are SICK of it!

He's also started all this separation anxiety junk, which doesn't help! It's a total power struggle.

And a "closed-mouth whine", which would even make his sweet grandmothers wince with annoyance!
Good thing he's still cute!
(super underexposed, I know, but look at that face!)
We're figuring out creative ways to get things done while staying within about 5-10 feet of him. He gets really mad when he can see you and realizes that you're not right there with him.

This kid has had so many issues. I feel really bad for him, and part of me still insists there's something going on that we don't know about. No nurse or doctor gives us a second look. Are babies sometimes really just unhappy all the time and just inconsolable for no apparent reason? Even when they've had Tylenol and gripe water and have a full belly and clean diaper!?

We were making a list the other day. This poor kid has had:
(until he was about 4 months old)
(underdeveloped trachea in infants that causes lung problems that they eventually grow out of; he just grew out of this a month or two ago)

an ear infection (at just 6 weeks old! Mitch was an ear tube baby, so this put us on red alert)
several colds
(which showed up about 3 months ago)

chronic constipation
(that seems never to go away without Miralax and a suppository)
a random rash with no explanation
(we hadn't changed ANYTHING...they just told us to "let it happen again"...yuck!)
(this was taken during an oatmeal bath, after we got his rash under control. It was so bad that morning that we could barely look at him!)

All of these seem pretty common and unrelated. I'm just sick of all the ailments! My Nathan's miserable, he doesn't sleep, he forgets how to self-soothe when he's sick (because I just try to make him as comfy as possible, like the nurses have said to), and we don't feel like he has much of a life. At least not a fun one. After a couple weeks of feeling great, something else will pop up out of nowhere!

What happened to the great immune system nursing was supposed to give him!? And all my antibodies?

It doesn't help that he's been teething for the last 2 months, with no teeth in sight.

Should I be concerned, or did we just hit the lottery with this one!?
I can't help worrying all the time when something is ALWAYS showing up and going wrong!


  1. Yikes! When I read this, I realize how lucky we are that Peyton hasn't had any health issues. I'm sorry you have to deal with all of that! I think the conclusion I've come to is that your next baby will be super easy, and mine will not. Haha! Maybe I'll stop with one ...

  2. If I could I'd give you a hug Alaina! I'm sorry. And I don't really have any advice other than it must mean Nathan has an angel of a sibling waiting up above to come down and give you guys a break (not any time soon, but you know :)

  3. So sorry to hear all of the troubles with Nathan!! I wish I had some advice or help I could offer, but I don't. Just know you're a stronger woman than me. I freak out when Blake cries for 10 minutes! good luck!

  4. On the up side, they grow out of it. It's hard when you're in the middle, but it does get better. Either they grow out of it, or you figure out what it is, hopefully sooner rather than later. That rash is kind of random and weird. Laundry soap? Just think how bad it'd be WITHOUT all those antibodies. YIKES!!

    I'm wishing you lots of sleep SOON!!

  5. I just wanted to say that you're an amazing Mom to go through all this! I'm so sorry Nathan has so many problems. Ava's had a few, but nothing compared to yours. I'm sure it will get better when he's older. I wish it could be now though. I hope you're able to get some sleep soon. We've been so lucky and I'm scared to have another baby because I keep telling myself that no baby can be as good as Ava. Ava became a happier child once she could crawl and move well on her own. Maybe that will help Nathan. Good luck!

  6. Oh honey, I so so so feel your pain. You couldn't of described Ezra any better if you knew him as a baby (different health ailments, but definitely as many!). My first thought is too look at the food you're/he's eating. A lot of the general fussiness, constipation, eczema, rash, etc could be described as a food reaction, whether just a more mild intolerance or an actual allergy. Just a thought :)

    If you'd like to chat about specifics or just have a (very understanding) shoulder to cry on, feel free to email me at or call me at (405) 612-9077(cell) or (913) 839-6812(home).


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