Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nine Days

It's been nine days since I've updated our blog...and not much has changed since then! We have been super busy, though, so not much except for school and work and other non-interesting craziness has had time to happen.

Last week we found out we both had NO on campus classes this week!! How often does that happen? Even for this to happen to one of us is rare, but both!? Awesome. We REALLY wish we would've taken advantage of this free week and made a trip to Gillette, WY to see Mitch's family and take a break from life altogether, but we had too much going on outside of school!

So, the one week this miracle happens, we're too busy with other things to do anything about it!

I've been working hard on our complex's yard sale, making fliers, posting them in every floor of every stairwell, making posters/signs and posting about it on Craigslist. It finally happened today, and we're happy to report that we sold pretty much everything we wanted to, and our stuff sold really well! We were very happy and felt like our hours and work (and my sunburn) were worth it!

I have also been taking pictures of little man. However, I have also learned just enough about my camera to see the flaws in every picture. It's either a wrong color profile setting or f-stop level or composition. It's kind of annoying, because before I used to just see "cute," like any mother would!

Here are a few from the last week or two since i've posted:

Our trip to the nature park (Nathan loved it for about ten minutes, then fell asleep)
Gorgeous eyes...I won't tell you what I see wrong with this!

Flowers on the Temple grounds
(I cheated and sprayed them down...wet flowers are supposedly 10x more appealing than dry flowers)

The Rexburg LDS pretty!
This was the best I could get from outside the gate because the Temple was closed
The Angel Moroni (I've talked about this gold-plated angel statue on top of every Temple before)
I surprisingly didn't edit any of this. I'm taking a break from editing at all so I can focus on taking better pictures to begin with. (This excludes turning things to b&w or sepia...the color profiles on the camera aren't as good as in Photoshop!)
(You can see how quickly I lost light between the last three pictures!)

Eating a favorite toy...

I love this kid...

"Guess How Much I Love You"
He has no patience for this (semi-long) book but I hope he gets the message!

No teeth here!

Can you believe I took this indoors with an in-camera flash? I love my flash diffuser!
I just wish I'd widened my f-stop so his little ears weren't so blurry!!

All this kid does all day is whine with his mouth closed. It's a high-pitched moan that gets on Mitch's and I nerves faster than anything else...
All. Day. Long.
Unless he's laughing or squealing so hard he starts coughing.

That's funny.


  1. Alaina! I love your sweet little boy and YOU! I wish we saw you guys more! But, life is crazy for all of us. Definitely you guys more than us... We have no baby. I want to come visit you! Or have you over for dinner or something. I still have your shorts!

  2. Teach me your mad photo skills! I love you lady. Miss seeing you in primary but keep hearing from different fronts how WONDERFUL you are. Keep up the good job. You are awesome. Love your cute little blog.


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