Sunday, July 10, 2011

Big Ol' Blues

Everyone who meets Nathan comments on his eyes. They have always been big and wide, and VERY blue!

Although they don't actually look all that blue in this one!

Every day I have his dad to thank for those great big blues! I had blue eyes as a baby, too, but Mitch had BIG blue eyes! Even in our engagement picture people would comment on his eyes! It was the first thing a lot of people noticed about the picture!

In about a month we will have been married for 2 years. Wow, how time flies! Things haven't gone exactly how we expected, but when do they ever in life, right!? We couldn't be happier. We can't wait to be done with school so we can get settled in our more traditional roles!

I can't wait to stay home with this little man. Those big ol' blues melt my heart.
(If you click on the picture you can see the little bit of cereal on his shirt, up by the collar. I almost photoshopped it out, but it's so him! It just makes him look real to me. I didn't edit a thing about this picture!)

It will be so great just to focus on him for awhile, not juggling him and school and two jobs (while trying to build photography as a third). Then, who knows, maybe we'll be ready to handle more than one kid! 

All I know is, I can NOT handle going to school while pregnant again. Once is enough. So is having a c-section in the middle of a semester where you're taking 12 credits, 10 of them online. Welcome home! Homework's been waiting for you!

I've been reminiscing today, since we're coming up on two years soon. Our anniversary always gets skipped over because we're either traveling or our budget is gone from all the fun we've had traveling. Last year it was spent in the car, I think. I don't even remember--how sad is that?
One day we'll enjoy where our anniversary falls during the year. We'll get to recruit grandparents to watch our kidlets and we'll get to take a trip somewhere for some time away from everything!

Until then, I'll just be grateful for big blues and my loving husband :o)


  1. Love big blue eyes!!! Both my boys have big blue eyes too. It's so fun. :-) We know about failing to celebrate anniversary's...our 2nd year anny was spent on an air mattress in a dance studio type room in the basement of my aunt and uncle's house. Also in the room were my sisters, brother and parents I believe. Haha! And this was after a week spent at the lake, sleeping on a small mattress in a lift we could only kneel in. Fun memories! Not the most glamorous way to spend an anniversary, but it was fun with family. And we had a blast at the lake before. Anyway, have fun doing something cool for your anniversary this year! What a stinkin CUTE baby boy you got :-)

  2. Love those blue eyes!!! And even though you say you'd never do it again I'm glad you did make it through a semester having a baby in the middle (gives me hope for this semester) only please no C-section... You're amazing :)

  3. Sad to say we've been married for 10 years and have still not had the money/time/babysitting to do anything special. Better luck to you guys! Our honeymoon so far has been our only trip together without kids


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