Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I wish, I wish...

...I wish I was a fish!

That is what Nathan has been singing all weekend, I'm sure! (And we just watched The Amazing Mr. Limpett...what a cute old movie!)

This Fourth of July weekend was spent with Mitch's family in Gillette, Wyoming (our favorite place for a quick weekend escape from school and stress!) We worked REALLY hard and got all our homework done for the week & weekend by Wednesday, packed and cleaned Thursday, and left Friday at 6:30 am. We love not having any classes Fridays and Mondays: it allows us four-day weekends whenever I don't have to work!

This weekend, there was a surprise waiting for Nathan at GG and Papa Dooley's house...a new hot tub! Mitch's dad had turned down the temperature a few days in advance for Nathan and it was perfect for him. He is so spoiled: he has always loved hot tubs, heated pools are just "not good enough", and I'm sure he's going to think every bath from here on out is just lame!

We picked up a floatie and he just loved it. On the last night he decided it worked better to lounge in than sit up in. It was SO cute! Just floating around on his back with his feet kicked up over the edge, sucking on his little water gun. (I didn't get any pictures because I was in the hot tub, too!) This boy was in heaven!

We had so much fun! Thank you, Dooleys, for always taking us in! I won the in-law lottery!

Here are some fun pictures from last weekend. Sadly, we drove home all day on the Fourth and didn't get to have fun with fireworks, but we watched the Macy's fireworks special on tv...that counts for something, right?

Showing Papa Dooley the love:

Awww, little hot tub toes :o) They were raisins every night!

Note: all the safety precautions were taken: sunscreen, gripping that floatie and helping him balance, not letting him bake too long, etc. We always went out after the sun went down!

PS--way to go, Blogger! This new photo uploader is awesome!

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