Saturday, July 16, 2011

This post brought to you by my latest study break

Ahh...a ten minute rest. That's what my brain needs the weekend before finals week. Most of my classes are online, so a lot of the finals are available to take anytime between now and the end of next week. Which makes me want to get the easy ones done early so I can focus more attention on the hard stuff next week. 

Mitch and I are great at rewarding ourselves during finals week. It keeps us going, especially this semester when most of his classes are online, too! We switch off answering Nathan's banshee cries and feedings, etc. Right now he's napping and I'm at a great stopping point. Let the Facebook and blogging commence!

We stocked up on candy bars and treats this week. Whenever we finish a couple hard assignments we get a treat. Right now Mitch is eating a 100 Grand bar, watching an episode of something action-y on hulu. Then it's back to work!

So I've been doing this photography thing like it's nobody's business...I love it so much I feel like I have never had a hobby before! Which is awesome! I have earned enough so far to invest in some things that will make the business of making money easier once winter takes over Idaho again (which is bound to be in, like, three weeks, with our luck). I found a set of two backdrops (black and white) and their frame on Amazon for super cheap. Then I found a set of two continuous-light 5200 Kelvin (as bright as the sun!) fluorescent lights and their stands for even cheaper than the backdrops! This still leaves me with money left over to "support the cause at home" a bit. We thought it would be smart to invest now, since winter will inevitably be here when we get back from our two summer trips, and I want to keep making money throughout the year. 

On Wednesday two of my best friends, Rachel and Amy, and I played with the backdrops. We all have kids 14 months or younger, but they weren't being so cooperative. So, I snapped a few of Nathan, who also decided not to be cooperative. This was the best I got of him. Don't judge the coloring...they're actually just test shots before he started crying!

I can't wait to get the light stands in here. Because they're as strong as sunlight (or can be), they can mix well with natural light and add to it if we don't have enough. Our windows are tiny here and we normally don't get great natural light. 

Right now I'm trying to save up for a portrait class that focuses on newborns and children. I can't wait to take it! I also booked three newborn shoots (well, two, the third is penciled in, pending the mama's schedule). They'll feature a boy, a girl, and a set of twin girls! I'm so excited to have finally found something I love to do, can do from home, and that can fill my spare time!

Well, break's over. Thanks for letting me share it with you!


  1. Backdrop looks great! What a lucky little boy to have mommy take his portrait. I was really good at taking my 1st for professional studio pics, but not my 2nd :(

  2. Alaina! Your pictures look so beautiful! Good job! I am impressed! :)

  3. That's so great! yay! for having a talent that can earn a bit of spare change!


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