Friday, September 30, 2011

Memory card surprise!

I love finding pictures I've forgotten about! I have about four memory cards (not nearly as many as some people I know...*coughMOM!cough*), and every once in awhile one of them gets stuck in my bag and forgets to be uploaded with the rest of them! It makes for a fun surprise :o) So, for those of you not on facebook, here are a couple favorites!

Playing with his GG and Papa's doggies:

 Mom, do I HAVE to be nice?
 Okay, fine...
Finding his reflection in the oven door...
 Little boy, I will forever be obsessed with those big eyes!
 Watching cars as they go by, his whoozit friend in tow, of course!
 Hahaha I don't even know how he made this's on my desktop now though!
 waving hello!
 then, of course, you have to wave to all the cars that go by...
 the epitome of Nathan...this is what he does most of the time:
 being a brave boy and touching the grass! :o)
 Probably my favorite. Almost a smile! :o)

As far as the PTSD I've been working through, I feel like it couldn't be going any better! Every day I feel more and more like my old, pre-baby self! Most of the issues I had in the beginning are gone, and there are only a few things I'm still working through. My counselor has been amazing. I was concerned about having a male counselor, afraid that he wouldn't understand all the womanly birth emotions, but his wife has actually had a lot of complications with their babies, and he's helped her through them. So, now he's able to help me perfectly. It's amazing how our trials can bless the lives of others. I'll most likely never meet his wife, but she's blessed me just by what she's been through.

My counselor has explained PTSD to me as a tight knot of an experience that your brain burrows away until it feels like you can deal with it. The reason I get stuck in flashbacks and thoughts (sometimes for hours) is because all the emotions that were present in the experience are stowed away, too. So, not only am I re-living the experience through thoughts, but through emotions, too. It's very draining and I am so grateful to be feeling better. This "knot" has layers like an onion (or an ogre lol) and as we unwrap and unravel, new things about the experience come out. I was sitting in counseling yesterday and remembered something I'd never thought about since it happened! It's like it came out of nowhere!

I'll try to keep you guys posted on everything, but it takes a lot of time and thought to write about it, and with Nathan, school, chores, etc., writing about it kind of takes a back burner!


  1. Those pictures are GORGEOUS! :D he looks so much like a little Mitch! haha we just love you guys so much! I'm SO proud of your progress! PTSD is no walk in the park... but I have faith that you're taking the right steps! and you're not alone <3 sure do miss you! I'm going to (If I'm not in the hospital...) attempt to attend ALL of church on Sunday! my family will be in town! :D so you get to meet them. :D
    this comment is too long ^_^ <3

  2. Those pictures are as cute the 2nd go-round. I'm so glad you're working through all the birth stuff. (((hugs)))

  3. Cute pics!! You're an awesome photographer =)

  4. Beautiful pictures! You're a pro in my book. :) I'm glad to hear things are getting better for you. Hang in there, sweet girl!


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