Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summer Trip: Sand Hollow

 I'm going to try and post more pictures on this blog. My mom doesn't get on Facebook enough to see pictures, and my father-in-law gets on all the time and just doesn't SHOW my mother-in-law the new pictures. She doesn't have a Facebook...shame on them both! (Kidding of course, guys!) In any case, pictures are fun. So here you go!

We went to this amazing place called Sand Hollow. I don't know exactly where it is, but we left St. George, Utah to get there and didn't spend all that much time driving. So, it must be close by. I swear I'm the only Mormon who doesn't have a map of Utah in my brain! :o)

We were so excited to see what Nathan would think. He had this dark blue and orange swimsuit with matching tshirt, sandals that happened to match, and a dark blue hat and sunglasses that wouldn't stay on. What a stinker! So, he had to stay in the shade...with SPF 100 of course :o)
The sand was so ORANGE! Because I was born and raised in Kansas, one of the states furthest from any coastline, any beach will always amaze me. I love them. I love to swim and tube off of boats and float around in inner tubes. I appreciate all the work that goes into making a beach trip fun. I think I've gained that in the last year after going on some fun beach trips!
Nathan absolutely loved the sand and HATED the water. The sand pictures are adorable, and the water pictures might just be a little bit mean.
 Chillin' with his GG!
 Trying to grab handfuls of sand

 If you click on this picture you can see all the sand caught in his eyebrows and face and arms! It made him look a bit sunburnt!

 Trying out the (really cold) water...
 Daddies can be mean...this little boy is scared of everything...
...really, all we're trying to do is toughen you up, little man!

 Okay, we're done.
We had so much fun tubing off Mitch's grandparents' boat! The boys jumped off tall rocks/cliffs (the most fun part of Sand Hollow, I'm told!) while the girls tubed, floated along the shore, and chilled on the beach. It was awesome! I'll put the captions below the pictures.
Danny, our brother-in-law, sitting on top of Jayna, Mitch's sister, on the tube. (Trying to hold her on...)

Jayna, in all of her balancing glory :o)
My mother-in-law and I on the tube. It was so fun!!
"I'm gonna fall off! I'm gonna fall off!!!!"
...and then she did :o)
Jayna and I. People describe us as awesome. Well, we do, anyway!
Me trying to balance with Jayna on the tube. The boat wasn't even moving and I'm still pulling her over!


  1. So much fun! Worst part of being pregnant during the summer is missing out on all the boating fun! Oh well - there's always next summer!

  2. Fun! It looks like you had a great summer!

  3. I love pictures of LAKE POWELL! Such a beautiful place to escape and "get your groove" on again! Great shots, Alaina! Your little man is so adorable

  4. Madelyn is scared of EVERYTHING too!! She is slowly getting better but she's still scared of many normal things that people shouldn't be scared of! lol Looks like a fun trip!

  5. Wow that beach is super orange. I'm so impressed you tube behind the boat, I try it every other year and decide I still hate it and it scares me to death! I love reading your blog. :)

  6. He really did hate the water! So sad...yet funny ;)

    Love the cute little matching beach outfit. I'm all for matchy-matchy.


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