Saturday, September 10, 2011

You would think

That my son was having a near-death experience whenever he comes in contact with grass. It's the funniest, not-too-uncommon (or so I'm told) thing! Well, get ready, little boy, because winter is COMING! It gets down to the 30s or 40s every night, and stays about in the 70s low 80s during the day. Pretty fantastic, as far as I'm concerned!

Today we went outside around 7:00 to get some pictures, before the days start becoming too short. This little man was so upset, and being outside always seems to brighten his moods a bit. Okay, so I used his not-feeling-up-to-anything, must-go-outside mood to snap some pictures. Who wouldn't with gorgeous evening light!?

This post is mostly for those who don't get on facebook enough to see pictures. Because I just posted them all there. They're bigger here, but there's also fewer of them. Take your pick and enjoy! I dressed him in a cute green plaid shirt so his skin and eyes would really pop.

 I love it when I can catch a smile! It almost never happens! My mom asked me once why he was such a somber boy. He's not, he's really very happy, he just doesn't like to smile at a black camera.
 Mitch likes to try and "toughen him up" by sprinkling grass on him. Or piling it in his lap. It's pretty funny. I love the facial expressions as he's trying to climb off the blanket, only to realize that molten lava grass is surrounding him! (Like in the picture above.)

I'm debating which of the last two to put up in his room. I have a verse of a favorite children's song up on one wall right now, but now that we have the closet door shut all the time, and the vinyl letters are more exposed, I really don't like it. I'd rather have a large print there. I found a GREAT place that will print anything and charge you $2/square foot, so prints are CHEAP! They come out very high-quality if you pay a bit extra (nothing much), so I could pay for an 11x20 or something out of spare change from my car! Our neighbors have a couple in their apartment and I love them. So, which one?


  1. I like the first of the last two. He is adorable in every pic though.

  2. That is so funny about the grass haha I like both of them - either would look good in his room :)

  3. i like the second, and the grass is hilarious!!!!!

  4. I can't believe I'd fallen so far behind on your blog! Goodness! I'm all caught up now though :)

    LOVE those pictures! Seriously, so beautiful. As for which of the two...I can't remember if you have brown in his nursery or not. If you do, I'd go with the 2nd and if you don't, I'd go with the 1st.


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