Sunday, December 5, 2010

For documentation's sake

Again, since I don't journal...this post is mostly for me :o)

Our sweet little boy, who has taken over every aspect of our lives (which is how it should be, right!?) was playing in his room tonight. He loves to lay on the rug on the floor and look at all the bright colors.

(I know, I still haven't put pictures up of his room...I have one more Cricut project and then i'm done!)

Anyway, he was playing and I picked him up, rocked him in our rocker and he started staring at me. I love how he'll pay attention to faces now! I started smiling at him and he smiled RIGHT BACK! He's never smiled intentionally at anyone! He smiled and stopped, and smiled and stopped, for about 3 minutes. It was the best! I told Mitch to run in with the camera, but i'd misplaced it, AND left it on video. So, now we have an awkward video of me telling him to stop recording and Nathan making a confused face because I stopped playing the smile game.

This picture that we took over Thanksgiving, that most people would think was intentional, was purely coincidental, and it's amazing we caught it in a picture!

This totally makes all the late-night/early-morning feedings worth it.

Oh, and also, we used gripe water for the first time last night. I do believe I owe the company thousands of dollars for the wonderful, tummy pain-free night we all had last night! Nathan slept great, and so did we!

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  1. Ahhh, isn't that smile the sweetest thing ever? yay! yay! for discovering something that helps everyone sleep a bit more!


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