Friday, December 31, 2010

Resoluting.... that a word? I guess it'd be resolving. Oh well, it got the attention of anyone who saw this on their Blogger Dashboard :o)

I never really make New Year's Resolutions. Never really have. I used to make the same resolution, "get better grades." But then I realized it's more effective if I just resolve to do that all along. See, my new year's resolutions usually have failed by about mid-February. It's like Pam trying to save up her vacation days at the start of a new year on The Office. She usually makes it about that far.

So, while my brother-in-law's girlfriend Sarah is rocking my cranky son, I think i'll jot down a few resolutions. Just goals that have popped into my mind after reading everyone else's resolutions:

1) Don't get pregnant again. We've ensured this won't happen, but there's always an off-chance. I don't know what I would do with another baby. After 8 weeks of trying to figure out this whole parenting thing, I don't know how people deal with more than one! We're not even TALKING about another baby for at least a year. I'm young. I've got school. We've got time to wait!

2) Complete a year's worth of credits towards my Bachelor's Degree. I have no idea how this will happen, considering i'm only taking 4 credits this semester. I'm hoping to make up for it by going this Spring semester (April-July), my usual semester off. I've only had one semester off in the six semesters i've been going to school, so i'm used to it!

Speaking of #1, Nathan just started bawling. I don't know how long my "help" is going to want to stick around!

3) Learn more about photography. I may not have an amazing SLR camera, but I know my amazing point-and-shoot can do a heck of a lot more than I'm using it to do. I want to learn more about things like framing and the details that make a good picture. That way, one day when I have a good camera i'll know how to use it and not just put it to waste.

4) Re-vamp our apartment. We tend to keep things. It tends to look like we do. We purge things all the time, but we use most of it just enough to make it worth keeping. That's an issue. Especially in our apartment where we have virtually no storage. Since all my credits are online and it'll be just me and the boy all day, I want to get things done at home. Even just one project would make me happy!

Well, that's it. Four. For someone who doesn't "resolute" around the new years, that's pretty good, right? It also kind of coincides with the "new goals for a new semester" routine that Mitch and I have. New goals, new budget, usually new priorities to save for.

Happy New Year's! Thanks to Nathan we'll both be up to see 2011 come in!


  1. It's good to resolute :) I'm impressed that you're going to school with a baby! I'm still trying to figure out how to go to school when i have a husband! :p
    Happy New Year Alaina! And thank you so much for reading my blog! You're probably the only one who does, but it's nice knowing you do. :) You're great! :)

  2. I had to laugh at #1, but I can't imagine another baby right now and I don't have school. Ava started crawling and is now into everything! Plus, I'm not prepared for morning sickness again. One day, I'll have to try to forget the morning sickness and have another one, but not for a while.

  3. lol at #1...despite my best intentions, I just don't seem to be very good at that one ;)

    I need to re-vamp our place too. It's shocking how quickly and easily everything gets cluttered. We're definite keepers too (which is why I suspect your dad and my husband get along so well :)


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