Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm one month old!

Isn't that crazy!?

As of yesterday, December 2nd, which was also Mitch's 24th birthday, our tiny little man has been with us for a whole month! We don't know where the time has gone!

Just to document, since I'm terrible at journaling, here's a little bit about our sweet Nathan at one month old:

Nathan likes:
(the lact. consultant says he eats like he's 2 or 3 months old; this is when he was a week old!)
focusing on things, people and faces
being swaddled at night
keeping his parents on their toes as to how much he'll sleep
bath time, especially with lavender bedtime bath
pulling 3928658 different faces that entertain us all
being held
being read to
(I never knew how much he'd pay attention to "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" until I tried it!)
taking walks around the house to focus on things
our black and white bathroom
his colorful room
the black and white paintings above our couch

This month, Nathan has learned:
how to focus on people's faces and follow them around the room
how to get his diaper changed without acting like it's the end of his little world
how fun bath time is, and how when mom takes you out, there's always a towel to keep you warm
how to mimic faces
how to hold his binkie in his mouth
(we're still working on that one...)
how to hold his head up, only bobbling around when he's very tired
the signal that food is coming, and which direction to turn his head
(mom puts a burp cloth under his chin & over his shoulder, on the side he's going to eat on, so he doesn't drool all over [we're messy eaters in our house, I guess!])

Nathan's favorite:
way to nap during the day:
(on his tummy, laying over our dear friend, the Boppy pillow, and always laying on his hands. He's such a good tummy sleeper, too bad he's only allowed to sleep on his tummy when I'm awake!)

time of day:
bath time!
A tired baby at the end of the day + bedtime bath = a very relaxed little one who occasionally falls asleep in the bath!

way to sleep at night:
in his swaddler, on his tummy if we'd let him.
(Why the little wedges around him? Because this little booger likes to roll. A lot. In the swaddler, he ends up on his face and can't do anything about it because he's temporarily without arms. It didn't take us long to figure this out!)
Sorry for the bad picture; I added fill light b/c I took it at night and the picture was way too dark!

favorite toy:
(yes, he already has one!)
any burp cloth he can get his hands on. He loves to rub them all over his face and keep them clenched in his hands. This is probably because we use them when he eats to keep us both dry, so they always smell like milk! Good thing we have about a billion, and he's not picky about which one he's holding!

However, MY favorite time of day is:
our last little cuddle after I burp him, before I put him down for the first time at night. It's a great way for me to relax and get into "nighttime mode," which may or may not include sleep. I love that our little man is such a cuddler. I guess both his parents are, so it's in the genes, right?
(again, sorry for the bad picture...dim lighting!)

We love you, Nathan Patrick! We can't believe it's been a month already!

And because I can never stop taking pictures, here are a few more of our favorites!
(We're also taking a family picture for our Christmas card this weekend! Get excited!)

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  1. so adorable. Can't wait to see him. seeing the pics is bringing to mind all the things that i am doing with my baby and how much Nathan and charlie are alike. Charlie loves to be swaddled and to play with the burp rags too. he also loves bath time and i really like the bed time bath. he also has one of those baby holders for the bath tub. Charlie also liked to sleep on his tummy at one month and now doesn't so go figure. Celeste always liked to be on her tummey too. i love babies.


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