Friday, December 31, 2010

Update Pending...

Yes, i'll put up pictures. Yes, i'll tell about our Christmas. Yes, i'll update this blog one day.

...but for now, i'm enjoying every minute I can get with my husband's family in Wyoming, so you'll all (you know, all four of you that read this...) have to wait till i'm back at my computer where I can upload pictures! :o)

We had a fabulous Christmas and I can't wait to tell all about it!

PS--Nathan totally giggled at me (intentionally, not his "sleep giggle") on Tuesday night. It might be the cutest thing I have ever, ever seen!


  1. Baby's laughter is the best thing in the world. And I am pretty sure that there are more than 4 people who read your blog. :o)

  2. yay! for a giggle! Especially an intentional one :)


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