Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How I know I still have anxiety issues

I've been doing very well, anxiety-wise. 

I've been attending counseling sessions every other week, and they go very, very well, leaving me positive and level-headed, ready to conquer anything on the other side of my counselor's door.

However, there are a few signs that I don't have all the "tools" I need yet to keep my anxiety levels in check.

I totally just had a panic attack about joining Pinterest. I finally did it. I don't know how to follow anyone, find them, pin things, or attach the "follow me on Pinterest!" button to this blog. I'm excited about it, but UGH!

When Nathan is whiny and won't stop pointing to something that I can never seem to find it drives me insane. This might go on for 20 minutes, but it ruins my moods for hours! Right now he's being a perfect little angel, trying to put a lid on a Tupperware container. And now he's whining because he can't do it. Spoke too soon, darn.

I haven't posted about Halloween, and that's stressing me out, even though my homework is a much more valid reason to stress.

I'm not going to get to walk in July (2012) and graduate in December (2012) like I wanted to. Instead, I'll finish my coursework (except internship) in December 2012, as planned, but I can't walk a semester early (in July, so Idaho is more traveler-friendly for the family), because I won't have done my internship yet. We'll see if they'll still let me. I'll have to walk either in December 2012 or April 2013. Ugh. Allison J, I know you read this...I didn't learn anything about this in my student records days, but I know you know about it...any help?

All in all, it will take me 4 years and 1 semester to graduate...not bad for getting married, having a baby, and taking a semester off for that (oh-so) colicky baby. Yay for year-round classes and three semesters!

Well, here's Halloween. I'll keep working on the anxiety. Just wanted to vent and empty one corner of the brain, so it can fill up again momentarily :o)

This is all supposed to be lighthearted. I'm doing very well. I'm not depressed. Just sayin'.

  Last Halloween, Nathan was 2 days from leaving his fetus-hood, so this was technically his first Halloween. I'm not a huge fan of the holiday; it's nothing special, but I knew I wanted to do something for my first kid's first Halloween! So, simple costumes; all we had to buy was Nathan's. Mitch and I were chefs, and Nathan was a lobster. (Because he's so cute, we could just eat him up!)

We caught the tail end of our church's "trunk or treat", then headed to a friend's house and watched It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! (A total favorite of mine! Mitch had never seen it!) Nathan and his two friends hung out and got their first tastes of Halloween candy, and all six adults had fun too.

On to the pictures! Of course, none of these are edited. Editing pictures that I'm not going to do anything serious with just takes too much work and time these days.

And awesome, they're all gone. It was in the middle of our move and everything. Oh well, maybe we can fake it later.

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